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How to change the registration

How to change the registration

When changing residence registrationthere are two options passage of the necessary formalities. You can first withdraw from the register at the old address and create a new way.

But enough to apply to the dispensation of FMS or only at the new place of residence.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - A statement of withdrawal from registration (optional) -
  • - The application for registration at the place of zhitelstva-
  • - The document on the right of registration of the new adresu-
  • - A targeted piece of departure (subject to availability).



If you chose the first option, you need to come inpassport office or the dispensation of the FMS department with a passport and fill out the application form and two copies of the leaflet departure. One of them remains in the FMS, the second you, and you will need to attach it to the package of documents for registration of residence at the new address.

Passport with a note of withdrawal from registration you must give three days.


The application form for registration of residencethe new address you can get to the FMS, the dispensation download on the site of the FMS of any regional or state services portal management. At last, it is also available to fill in online.

If you are not written with the same address, fill in the appropriate section. Otherwise, leave it blank.


The basis for the registration document is available onyou have property rights to housing or the provision of the other owner (the contract of gratuitous use of premises, an application for housing, a warrant for check-in at the municipal housing, social tenancy agreement etc.). If you sign up for an apartment that you bought, received as a gift or inheritance, first Apply for a certificate of state registration of property rights.


The full package of documents bring to the FMS office or passport office dispensation.

If they are all in order, the passport with a mark of registration to a new address, you will receive within 3 days.

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