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How to change the registration


How to change the registration</a>

When changing the registration at the place of residenceThere are two possible options for passing the necessary formalities. You can first withdraw from the registration at the old address and register for a new one.

But it is enough to apply to the building management or FMS only at the new place of residence.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - application for withdrawal from the registration (not mandatory) -
  • - application for registration at the place of residence-
  • - a document on the right of registration for a new address-
  • - the address sheet of departure (if available).



If you chose the first option, you need to come toPassport office of the house management or department of the FMS with a passport and fill in the application form and two copies of the departure sheet. One of them will remain in the FMS, the second will be with you, and you will have to attach it to the package of documents when registering at the place of residence at the new address.

Passport with a note on removal from the registry you must give out after three days.


Application form for registration at the place of residenceAt the new address you can get in the FMS, a house management, download on the site of any regional FMS office or public services portal. On the latter it is also available for filling online.

If you are not discharged from your previous address, please fill in the appropriate section. Otherwise, leave it blank.


The basis for the registration is the document on availabilityYou have ownership of the housing or its provision by another owner (a contract for the uncompensated use of a dwelling, an application for the provision of housing, an entry permit for municipal housing, a contract of social hiring, etc.). If you register for an apartment that you bought, received as a gift or by inheritance, first issue a certificate of state registration of ownership.


Full package of documents should be brought to the FMS department or passport office of the house management.

If they are all right, you will receive a passport with a registration mark for the new address within 3 days.

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