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How to change the cooling radiator on 2104

Replacing the heat sink 2104

Replacing the heat sink on the car VAZ-2104 is needed if the radiator or the radiator flow cell clogged with dirt and scum, and the radiator is unable to perform his functions for engine cooling.

Radiator Replacement is simple and does not require any special skills.

To make the replacement of the radiator in a car VAZ -2104 must be a fully cooled down engine. This will eliminate the possibility of scalding hot coolant. Before you begin, you need to prepare a suitable container for draining antifreeze.

Required tools

To change the engine cooling radiator on the VAZ-2104 will need only a few keys and a screwdriver:
- Spanners 10, 13, 17 and 24
- End cap 10 and ratchet with udlinitelem-
- Flat and Phillips screwdriver.
Since, most likely, coolant already worn out, it is better to immediately fill with new fluid, acquiring this 10-liter canister of antifreeze or antifreeze.

The sequence of work

After full cooling of the engine, draincoolant into a suitable container. Drain the used antifreeze or antifreeze on the ground is strictly prohibited. Before draining the liquid, remove the cap on the pour port of the heat sink and the toilet tank. Open the valve fully heater to drain fluid from heating cooler.
Next key 13 unscrew the drain plugengine block. If your car is equipped with a brass radiator, the holding fitting on the radiator key 17, the key 13 carefully remove the radiator drain plug.
On the aluminum radiator drain plug is located on the right of a plastic tank, a sensor fan turn on. If the plug is not present, the overflow sensor gets out of the fan.
Disconnect the terminals and remove from the carbattery. Remove the expansion tank. To do this, remove the tank presser rubber band and pre-heating, remove the plastic tank hose from the radiator. Heat can be poured over with boiling water or using an ordinary household hair dryer.
Then remove the protective plastic shieldfan. If your car is equipped with the fan, disconnect the wires from the fan and from the fan turn on the sensor. The key 10 unscrew the 3 screws and remove the fan.
Loosen the hose clamps and remove the upper and lower radiator pipes. Inspect the connections, if they have cracks or they have lost elasticity, the pipes must be replaced.
Sockets 10 and ratchet with extensionUnscrew the screws securing the heatsink. Tilt the radiator to the engine side and unhook it from the engine compartment. On the aluminum heat sink, remove the seats old rubber cushions.
Before installing the new heat sink on the wrapplace the sensor fan turn, shot from the old radiator and insert rubber cushions. A new radiator is usually completed with new cushions and mirrors. Before installing the upper and lower rubber pipes, grease nipples radiator sealant.
When installing the plastic hose of a broad tank it is necessary to heat the hose softens and easily into place. Before filling the coolant do not forget to screw the drain plug.
After completion of all installation work rewoundthe engine and allow to warm up to inclusion of the fan. The temperature gauge on the instrument panel should indicate a normal temperature. If necessary, add a liquid in a broad tank to a normal level.

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