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How to change the pump on 2115


water pump faults have serious troubles.

One of the most frequent breakdowns is leaked coolant, which can lead to overheating of the motor and to jamming.

Wear of the bearing and leakage of coolantfluid from the drain hole - these are the main defects of the pump VAZ-2115. Bearing Wear can be identified by characteristic howling sound. Repair of the water pump at such defects usually do not give the desired results, it is therefore required to be replaced in the assembly.
Replacing the pump VAZ - 2115 only in thethe engine is cold. After cooling of the engine must be drained into a suitable container coolant, unscrewing the plug at the bottom of the radiator and the engine block.


To change the pump at the WHA - 2115 will need: spanners 10, 17 and 19, a screwdriver, a stroboscope. The latter is needed to verify the installation of ignition.

Operating procedure

You must first disconnect the negativeterminal of the battery. Remove the timing belt cover and set the piston of the first cylinder in the top dead center of the compression stroke. To do this, place the label on the front of the flywheel notch in the plate. At the same marks on the camshaft pulley and the tooth attachment cover should also be the same.

After removal of the timing belt Timing and distribution prohibited crank crank shafts.

Now remove the tensioning pulley and toothed beltcamshaft pulley. When removing the latter, be careful not to lose the key, locking the pulley on the shaft. Next, unscrew the nut and the four bolts that secure the drive camshaft rear cover. Now move aside the rear cover and carefully remove the water pump, having hooked a screw-driver of the toothed pulley.
Install the new pump in the reverse order. Before installing it is necessary to check the tightness of the bearing retainer screw pump and its tighten if necessary. Number on the pump installation should be directed upwards.
Camshaft pulley mounted to the projectionmotor. Keyed to not fall out of the slot can be fixed a small amount of grease. When tightening the bolt holding the pulley from turning a large screw driver or tire lever.
After installing the timing gear belt, you mustcheck the quality of its installation. To do this, turn the crank a few times and try to put on the label again. When properly installed, all tags must be the same. If they do not match, reset the timing belt.

Do not overtighten the timing belt. This greatly reduces the service life.

Adjust the tension of the timing belt and fill coolant. Before pouring antifreeze do not forget to screw the plug in place on the radiator and the engine block.
Start the engine and check the pump operation - no leaks antifreeze should not be. Upon completion of all work be sure of the correctness of installation of ignition by means of a stroboscope.

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