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How to change the processor


How to change the processor</a>

To replace the processor, there are usually two main motivations: the breakdown of the old computer or the desire to improve its performance.

In the first case, everything is very simple, so you should consider the situation when the processor is replaced by a newer model.

You will need

  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • A piece of lint-free cloth
  • Thermopaste
  • New processor



Start by selecting the processor you need. For this, on the Internet, look at the processor models that your motherboard supports, and choose the best option. Attention should be paid to the number of cores, hiltovku and the type of socket.

How to change the processor


First, remove the left-hand wall? The system unit. Find the largest fan located perpendicular to the motherboard. Most likely, it will be mounted on four screws to the motherboard. Unscrew them all and remove the cooler along with the radiator plates. Note that there is a power wire from the cooler to the motherboard, and remember the connector into which it is inserted.

How to change the processor


With a cloth, gently clean the radiator and topProcessor from the remnants of thermal paste. Now gently bend the spring, pressing the processor to the socket on the motherboard, and then remove the old processor. In its place, put a new, pre-prepared processor.
Do not be afraid to insert it with the wrong side? In sockets there are special serifs preventing erroneous installation. If you have an old motherboard, then in one corner of the socket, exactly as on the processor, a triangle will be drawn. When the processor is installed, they must match.

How to change the processor


Apply thermal paste to the surface of the processor. Do not be too generous? This can lead to leakage of paste and damage to equipment.
Now gently insert the radiator onto itsThe right place and wrap the screws. Would it be better if you give the thermal paste? To do this, do not use the system unit at least half an hour after installing a new processor.

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