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How to change the processor

How to change the processor

To replace the processor more often, there are two main motivations: breaking an old computer or a desire to improve his performance.

In the first case it is very easy, so you should consider the situation when the processor is replaced by a newer model.

You will need

  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • A piece of lint-free cloth
  • Thermal Grease
  • The new processor



Start by selecting your desired processor. To do this, look on the internet models of processors that are supported by your motherboard, and then select the best option. Attention should be paid to the number of cores, gertsovku and type socket.

How to change the processor


To begin, remove the left? Wall? system unit. Find the large fan, situated perpendicular to the motherboard. Most likely, it will be attached to the four self-tapping screws to the motherboard. Remove them all and remove the cooler with fins. Please note that from the cooler to the motherboard there is a power cable, and remember the connector into which it is inserted.

How to change the processor


Cloth to gently clean the radiator and vershinkuCPU thermal grease from debris. Now carefully fold the spring-loaded, the pressing to the processor socket on the motherboard, and then remove the old processor. In its place, a new place, prepared in advance processor.
Do not be afraid to insert it upside down? in sockets have special notches to prevent erroneous mounting. If you have an older motherboard, in one corner of the socket, exactly as on the processor, draws a triangle. Before installing the CPU, they should coincide.

How to change the processor


Apply thermal grease on the surface of the processor. Do not be too generous? it may leak and damage the equipment paste.
Now gently push the radiator on hisrightful place and tighten the screws. It would be better if you give thermal grease? Dry ?. To do this, do not use the system unit at least half an hour after the installation of the new processor.

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