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How do I change the name of the Vkontakte

How do I change the name of the Vkontakte

Recently Vkontakte administration has tightened the process of name change, taking on extra work.

Apparently, the name of a social network, in fact, carries an important function.

How to change name

To change the name, you only need to go to the "Edit Page" section, which is linked by Text. Here, in the tab "General", you will see a field to change the name.
After registration for two weeks and namename can be changed independently without checking in advance. After this period, the conditions are complicated. Now the user has the right to change their name only once a year, and before the new data will have on the page, change the check is one of the administrators of Vkontakte.
Under the rules of the social network for approvalaccepted only real names. The period during which the answer comes from the administration, last from one day to a week. When your application will consider and adopt, any notifications you do not get. But your new name will appear on the page.
If your name and surname of the rare, the administratorcan make a mistake and reject the application. In this case you will have to write a letter to the administration to confirm your data copy of e-passports.
But to avoid any such problems, check include your real name and real name.

Maiden name

Under the input fields first and last name in the section"Edit Page" is a line of "maiden name". The information in this field does not pass moderation administrators, so you can write anything you like here, by changing the information several times.
However, if you abuse this opportunity, then, most likely, your page to "freeze" due to the increased activity.

Name of the page

VKontakte there is a function name changepages or so-called id (Haydee). This is not just a fancy name and a link to your page on which any user of social networks will be able to immediately find you.
To change the "Haydee," you need to go to the section"My settings". In the first tab, scrolling down a bit, you will find the "page address". Enter the name you want to use as a reference: it should consist of Latin letters and Arabic numerals. If your chosen name is already taken by another user, Vkontakte automatically notify you of this and prompt you to choose something else.
Name the page address, as opposed to on your behalf, which is indicated on the page, rather than in the browser line is not verified by the moderator and changing when you click "Save Changes."

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