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How to change the surname in a marriage


How to change the surname in a marriage</a>

At registration of marriage each of spouses can take to itself a surname of the husband or the wife, and also to not change a surname and to carry the or to issue double which will be written through a dash.

If the marriage between the spouses is not terminated, but one of them wishes to change the surname, it can be done in the registry office at the place of registration of the fact of birth, marriage or the place of residence.

You will need

  • - Application to the Registry Office-
  • - birth certificate-
  • - passport and copy-
  • - Marriage certificate-
  • - A copy of the birth certificate of the child or the child.



In accordance with Article 58 of the Federal LawYou have the right to change your last name, first name and patronymic, by submitting an application to the Registry Office. If the marriage is registered, but you have not changed your surname, you can apply to the vital statistics office at any time, write a statement indicating the reasons that prompted you to make changes.


In the application, write your name, date, year and monthBirth, home address and address of the actual residence, if you live not at the place of registration. If you have children under the age of 18, please indicate the full name of all children, the number, month and year of birth. Attach a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of your birth certificate, a passport. Put under your application your signature and the date of the document.


Your application can be considered up to twoMonths. It is this period that is provided for by the Federal Law in such cases. After this period you will be replaced by a surname. You are required to apply to the Federal Migration Service and report the change of name, as well as change your passport and other documents that have been issued with the same name.


If you changed your surname when registering a marriageHusband or wife, but during the marriage you want to change your surname and get your old one, which was before you registered the marriage, then the procedure for re-registration is the same.


Apply to the registry office, attach a copyCertificate of marriage, a copy of the birth certificate. In accordance with the law, you have the right to change the name to any one, but the changes must be fixed in the migration service and all documents must also be replaced.

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