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How to change the name in the passport

How to change the name in the passport

The passport of the citizen of every man gets 14 years. From this age it is possible to change the name of his own statement to this age - only at the request of parents.

Just change the name registrar authorities at the place of residence or registration of the fact of birth.

To do this you need to collect a number of documents and to contact the authorities of the Federal Migration Service.

You will need

  • -zayavlenie FMS
  • -Certificate of name change
  • -Certificate of the birth of a new name
  • -pasport with the old data
  • -military ID
  • -Certificate of child birth
  • -Certificate of marriage or divorce
  • -spravka on registration
  • -kvitantsiya payment of the state duty for the change of the passport



Once you have changed name and issued a certificate of change need to get a birth certificate for a new name. His outstanding bodies registrar to which you have applied on the desire to change name.


After receiving all the documents in the new nameRefer to the FMS. Write a statement on a passport replaced. The application form is filled in a special form 1P. Write a statement to be personally in the presence of an employee of the FMS. He puts his signature, that statement is true, and put his own signature.


The application shall attach a passport photographs, with the former name of a passport, a certificate issued by the registry office of the change of name, a birth certificate for a new name. If you are a military service in the reserve, theYou must show military ID. For those with children - birth certificates of minor children. You will also need a certificate of residence for registration and proof of marital status.


A new passport name must be received within one month. If a citizen changed name will not get a passport within the specified period, he discharged a large administrative penalty in accordance with article 19.15 of the Code.

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