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How to change the motherboard

part of the motherboard

Motherboard ? computer basics, and if it fails, the machine rises.

It happens that the board can not be repaired, or its value is equivalent to buying a new one.

In this case, it is possible to change independently the old to the new motherboard.



For a start, disconnect from the system unit allconductor including the wire supply. Now inspect the system unit, to understand how he knows, because it is impossible to predict in advance the specific fastening system with all the diversity of modern system blocks. Most system units can be disassembled by unscrewing a few screws on the back cover. Some system units are equipped with special screws instead of latches, and in order to disassemble the system unit, do not need to unscrew anything. In any case, you need to remove both side covers to gain full access to the computer's innards.


After the covers are removed, dependingon the size of your system unit, you will realize there is a need to remove the optical drive and hard drive. For example, if the unit is large enough, the motherboard probably be able to pull out without removing the hard drive and optical drive, and if the system unit is compact, these actions can not be avoided. Suppose you have a complex case, and you have to do additional steps. In this case, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the hard drive, optical drive, and perhaps the drive for floppy disks, if any. Cables and wires, which are connected to the motherboard should be disconnected from the motherboard, noting the place of contact.


Now you need to disconnect the power supply from themotherboard, and remove the screws that secure the power supply unit, remove it from the system unit enclosure. Before you can have full access to the board, you will need the rear of the system unit, unscrew the screws that secure the graphics card, sound card, network card and other devices whose fastening located on the rear side of the chassis. Now remove the motherboard prevent only a few screws or latches that secure it to the chassis of the system unit. It is necessary to find a place of fastening and disconnect the board from the housing.


Stayed penultimate step? disconnect from the motherboard cooler, CPU, and RAM strips. The cooler is usually mounted on the latch, and remove it will not be difficult. Under the cooler the processor is attached to the motherboard a special attachment. Remove the processor and set it aside. It remains only to remove the strips of RAM and motherboard can be sent into retirement. To put the new card, enough to observe the whole sequence in reverse order? it is not difficult, if you managed to get to this point.

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