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How to change the motherboard


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Motherboard ? The basis of the computer, and if it fails, the machine rises.

It happens that the fee is not subject to repair, or its value is equivalent to buying a new one.

In this case, you can independently change the old motherboard to a new one.



To begin, disconnect from the system unit allWires, including the power cord. Now examine the system unit to understand how it is understood, because with all the variety of modern system blocks, it is impossible to anticipate in advance the system of fixtures specific. Most system operators can be disassembled by unscrewing a few screws on its back cover. Some system blocks, instead of screws, are equipped with special latches, and in order to disassemble the sys- temnik, you do not need to untwist anything. In either case, you need to remove both side covers to get full access to the inside of the computer.


After the caps are removed, depending on theFrom the size of your system unit, you will understand whether there is a need to remove the optical drive and hard drive. So, if the block is large enough, the motherboard will certainly be able to be pulled without removing the hard drive and optical drive, and if the system is compact, these actions can not be avoided. Let's say you have a complicated case, and you will have to do additional actions. In this case, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws securing the hard drive, the optical drive, and possibly the floppy disk drive, if any. Loops and wires that connect them to the motherboard should be disconnected from the motherboard side, remembering the place of contact.


Now you need to disconnect the power supply from theMotherboard, and having unscrewed the screws securing the power supply unit, remove it from the system case. Before you can have full access to the board, you need to unscrew all screws that secure the video card, sound card, network card and other devices from the back side of the system, whose mounts are on the back side of the system unit. Now remove the motherboard is hindered only by a few screws or latches, with which it is attached to the case of the system unit. It is necessary to find the places of fastenings and disconnect the board from the case.


Is the penultimate step left? Disconnect from the motherboard cooler, processor, and memory slats. The cooler, usually, is fastened to latches, and it will not be difficult to remove it. Under the cooler is a processor attached to the motherboard with a special mount. Remove the processor, and set it aside. It remains only to remove the slats of RAM, and the motherboard can be sent to rest. To put a new fee, it is enough to follow the entire sequence in reverse order? It will not be difficult if you managed to reach this point.

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