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How to change the lowercase letters long

How to change the lowercase letters long

If the text on the screen difficult to read, work on the computer turns into torture.

Windows operating system developers have tried to accommodate the maximum number of the needs of its users.

In particular they have provided the opportunity to change small letters long for people with visual impairment.



To increase the size of text and objects onscreen through the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel" and "Appearance and Themes" category, select the component "screen" by clicking on its icon in the left mouse button. ": Display Properties" dialog box opens. Click the "Settings" and click "Advanced" button - this will cause a new window "Properties: Plug and Play Monitor and [name of your graphics card]." On the "General" tab select the "Display", and set using the drop-down list is the value of dpi (dots per inch - dots per inch) to reduce the display resolution. All elements of the "Desktop" at the same time will increase.


If you do not have the desired value in the pop-up menu,select "Custom Settings" - to open a third "Selecting Zoom" dialog box. Set the font size and objects on the screen as a percentage from the drop-down list, or use the mouse to navigate through the "line", until you find the best option for themselves. Click OK to accept the new value. If necessary, restart the computer.


If the method described in the first steps, toodifficult for you, use a simple possibility to increase the font. Call window "Properties" in the manner described above, or click in any blank area of ​​the desktop, right-click. select "Properties" from the drop down menu. "Appearance" tab. In the "Font Size" to select from the drop-down list value, facilitates you to read the text (Large Fonts, and Extra Large Fonts). Click "Apply".


In that case, if you are not satisfied with the options,proposed in the "Font size", click "Advanced" - will open a new dialog box "Additional design." Use the drop-down list in the "Element" alternately select items and place for each desired font size by entering them from the keyboard in the "Font" section - "Size", or use this drop-down list with the prescribed values. Click OK to accept the new value. In the Display Properties window, click "Apply" and close the window.

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