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How to change the lifestyle of a teenager

How to change the lifestyle of a teenager?

In adolescence, a child is trying to find himself, therefore, can easily stumble.

Parents who want to change the way of life of a teenager, have to help him in self-expression, as well as brighten up his leisure bright emotions.

Explain the reason for the desired change

Adolescence - the difficult transition periodin human life associated with hormonal changes in the body. The child begins to feel like an adult, trying to make their own decisions, to form the view, choose role models, etc. In short, it lays the foundation for their future lifestyles, which often do not agree to his parents.
In order to affect the troubled teenager andbreak its stereotypes, adults often resort to radical methods - deprivation of pocket money and house arrest. However, so they move away from their offspring, creating between them a chasm of mistrust and deception. To a teenager changed the way of life, he has to want it, otherwise it will not work. Adults can only send the child to let the faithful, to indicate the reason why he should reconsider its behavior, and not much else.

Help for self-expression

If parents see that a teenager trying to findhis "I", is rapidly moving in the wrong direction, to offer him alternative methods of expression. An excellent option would be sports or artistic circles in which child would discover their talents. With each new success teen self-esteem will grow, it will be more confident to behave in the company of peers. Of course, the child's talents should be disclosed at an earlier age, but better late than never.
Psychologists say that the consciousness of teenagershard enough can affect visualization board. It can be easily done at home. For this need: drawing paper, glue, scissors and clippings from magazines favorite child. Let the young person chooses, any future goals he wanted to achieve, what kind of things I would like to buy, to whom I would like to be. Every day, looking at the vision board, he will strive for the best.

Distract from the traditional way of life

Often, the teenager tries to try all -today he listens to classical music, tomorrow - the hard rock, today he goes to ballroom dancing, tomorrow - on boxing or karate. Parents need to understand that in this age, children are no permanent interests, so do not panic ahead of time.
If parents confidently decided that they wanted to makeadjustments to the way of life of his child, the best way to distract him from his usual pastime, and show that in the world there are still many unexplored fascinating things. For example, if a teenager too is interested in computer games, you can go with him on a fascinating journey in which he would have received the most vivid emotions. If the teenager on the contrary excessively active, a great idea would be to organize the evening of home entertainment, where all family members gather at the same table for a game of checkers, chess, cards, etc.
It should be remembered that in adolescenceChild easier to distract from the negative lifestyle than radically change it. Gradually replacing the bad habits of their offspring to the useful, the parents will be able to achieve the desired result.

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