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How to change karma


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The question of changing karma seems strange in itself.

After all, karma is what is predestined withBirth, and nothing to do with this can not be done. Due to the fact that someone's karma is "bad," he has to suffer all his life, and no his merits and diligence will help.

In fact, you can adjust your karma.



To clear karma, you can start with the simplestof things. For example, go from meat-eating to vegetarianism. This is done in order not to take on the sin of killing animals and not encourage others to commit this atrocity. If you consume meat, then you give birth to a demand for it. And where there is demand, there naturally a proposal is born.


In order to remove from oneself a negative karmic burden,It is important to find your half in life. If the partner is chosen incorrectly, he can add his negative karma, and the next generation will be under even greater oppression of evil. The right partner can influence your karma. Either this is the predetermined half, with which you will solve all the karmic tasks, or it is a partner with a favorable karma that can improve the spiritual heritage of the ancestors, reduce or completely remove the negative.


The next way to purify karma is to practice it. Having fulfilled karmic debts, you get rid of this load and clear the karma of the next generations. For example, a woman with a serious illness was sent to a woman. Taking care of him, she fulfills the karmic punishment of her ancestors. Elimination of harmful addiction - to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. - also purifies karma.


Unravel any karmic knots will help life,Full of light thoughts and deeds. We must try to become the best person possible. Do not commit crimes, keep the mind and actions clean. It is about observing the ten biblical commandments.


To get rid of karmic burdens, it is importantUnderstand what you need to get rid of. Pay attention to situations or illnesses that are repeated in your family from generation to generation. There is such a formula: "to get rid of something, you have to go through it." In this case - work out.


Another way to clean karma is offered to usKarmic healers. Be careful when resorting to their services. It is better in this case to take advantage of the recommendation of your friends or acquaintances. Otherwise, you can get rid of the material assets you need instead of the load of karmic tasks.

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