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Question change karma seems odd in itself.

Because karma - is something that is determined tobirth, and nothing can be done about it like. Due to the fact that karma someone "bad", it all my life to suffer, and none of its merits and efforts will not help.

In fact, one can adjust Karma.



To clean the karma can start with the most simpleof things. For example, to go from myasoedstvo to vegetarianism. This is done in order not to take away the sin of killing animals and does not encourage others to commit this crime. If you eat meat, you give birth to his demand. Where there is demand, there is a natural born proposal.


To remove yourself from the negative karmic burden,it is important to find in the life of the half. If a partner is selected properly, it can add their negative karma and the next generation will be under even greater oppression of evil. The right partner can affect your karma. Either a predefined half, with which you will solve all karmic problem, or is a partner with a favorable karma, which under the force to improve the spiritual heritage of their ancestors, to reduce or remove the negative.


The next way to clean karma - is it working out. After completing karmic debts, you get rid of this burden and purified karma coming generations. For example, a woman sent to a child with a serious illness. Looking after him, she fulfills a karmic punishment ancestors. Testing of addictions - to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. - Also cleans karma.


Untangle all the karmic knots to help lifefull bright thoughts and actions. We need to try to become the best person I can. Do not commit crimes, to keep clean the mind and actions. It is about respecting the biblical Ten Commandments.


To get rid of the karmic burden of importantI understand from what you need to get rid of. Pay attention to the situation or illness, recurring in your family for generations. There is a formula: "that from something to get rid of, it is necessary to go through it." In this case - to work.


Another method of purification of karma offered to uskarmic healers. Be careful, resorting to their services. Better in this case to use the recommendation of your friends or acquaintances. Otherwise, you can get rid of your desired material values ​​instead of the load of karmic problems.

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