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How to change the INN

Applications with supply to replace INN

To change when VAT is not experiencing difficulties, you should read the information about what you need to have with documents.

FNS provides the opportunity to apply for a change of the taxpayer on the internet.

The need for replacement of the document occursnot only because of its damage or loss, but in the case of change of name or surname. Directly taxpayer identification number (TIN) is unchanged. Some of those who moved for permanent residence to another region claim that they were given after replacing the document with a different identification number. But this is nothing more than a delusion, neither for companies nor for individuals change TIN is not provided.

Where can I change the VAT number?

In every region of our country, this procedurecarried out in the tax office at the place of residence. Residents of villages and towns have to go to the regional center: the place where it is located near to the tax department. If the reason for the change is evidence of its loss, you will need to pay a fine of 200 rubles.

How to change the VAT number?

If you can not rush with the change of namereissuance of the document, as its number remains the same. The legislator has not provided for any specific timing for changing the document, nor any penalties. However, if a person is planning to apply for a job, which will require full compliance certificate INN with passport data, then it will need to visit the tax office at the place of residence, taking with them the following documents: a new passport, marriage certificate, as well as photocopies of these documents.
The tax will need to write a statement onestablished pattern, and after 5-7 days to get a new certificate with the tax identification number. If a person moves to a new place of residence and, consequently, its registration is changed, simultaneously changing TIN is not required. There is a single base of the tax system, in which one and the same person will always be registered only under a certain number, no matter where he lives and how often to change the region.

How to change the VAT via the Internet?

To do this, you need to register on the FNS websiteRussia. Next, go to the appropriate tab and fill in the electronic form "Application for registration with the tax authorities." This document consists of several sub-sections, each of which, after filling in the corresponding graph you will need to save. Once the application is sent, the state of the document can be tracked. To learn where and when to get a new certificate will be said in the message, which will come via e-mail, specified in the declaration.

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