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How to change the grip on the VAZ 2105

How to change the grip on the VAZ 2105

VAZ 2105 belongs to the category of cheap cars.

Therefore, hire professionals to replace the clutch is not always advisable.

If you observe some simple rules, then all the work is quite possible to perform independently.

The term of service of the vehicle clutch is not determinedonly the number of kilometers traveled - especially the duration of the work of this important component of any car is determined by the operating conditions, in particular the degree of load on the transmission. The more often the driver will start sharply from a traffic light, the rapid wear of clutch disc and not only him. Previously, I have to deal with repairs and when the machine is actively exploited in the city (such as taxis). When the freewheel on the VAZ 2105 is not helping the adjustment, it's time to engage the clutch repair in earnest.

Removing the clutch parts

All work is best done on the lookoutpit or alternatively use - rack, lift. If you had to deal with similar work in the field, it is necessary to provide security - after lifting the car to put the jack under the car body support (eg, in the form of hemp).
Before starting work, remove the plug "minus" withbattery. Then, unscrew the nuts of the air filter cover and remove it: it will be easier to remove the starter. When it is removed, you can go to the salon, where it is necessary to release the shift lever from the covers and pressing the bottom of a thin screwdriver on the rod, remove the locking sleeve, pull the lever.
The following operations must be done under themachine. First, with the rear axle, remove the propeller shaft by unscrewing the 4 fixing screws. Then disconnect the mounting bracket front pipe from the transaxle. Next, key in the "13" loosen the nuts securing the intermediate shaft ( "suspended" bearing) and remove the driveshaft. Now we can move closer to korobke- unscrew the bolts securing the clutch cylinder to the box and move it to one side, not looking. Along the way, disconnect the speedometer cable (it is nearby) and prepare a lateral support (thick board, for example) under the CAT.
It is necessary to unscrew the 4 screws on the box tothe engine and pull the gearbox, after removing the backing wire. Access to the open clutch: loosen the bolts of the protective casing of coupling and remove the pressure plate by unscrewing the 6 screws. All you can pull the clutch disc and the basket.

Assessment of the state of the clutch, the assembly

When you have finished removing, reassess the shotparts. It is best to replace the assembly and clutch disc, and the basket. I should add that in the rear-wheel models VAZ grip "live" much longer than in the front-wheel. Therefore, replacing the items in a set, you're a long time to get rid of the problems associated with the clutch.
Assemble in reverse order. Notes: you must have on hand the input shaft of the old gearbox or special holder for centering disc. It, in turn, mounted to the projecting part of the gearbox.

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