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How to change the fuel filter on the Mazda 3

How to change the fuel filter on the Mazda 3

Fuel filter Mazda 3 plays an important role in the car's engine. Its main task is to arrest the various particles of dirt, water and corrosion.

It appears like dirt when filling fuel, especially if it is low quality.

Fuel filter requires timely replacement, thus increasing engine life and a positive effect on the vehicle as a whole.

You will need

  • - Union key-
  • - Open-end wrench.



The signal for the fuel filter is replaced by the Mazda 3It is the special behavior of transport at high speeds. When driving begins to feel the tug. Over time, they felt even at the minimum speed. Before replacing the fuel filter, release the pressure from the supply system and then be sure to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.


If the stereo on your car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure there is the right combination needed to input audio into action.


The fuel filter is located in the Mazda 3vehicle engine compartment. Typically, it is fixed at its rear bulkhead. To facilitate their access to the filter, remove the air cleaner cover. It must be assembled with the outlet duct.


Couplings, which are subject toundocking, wrap cloth. This is to ensure that the fuel in the residual pressure, not to spill when you release the connector. Also, pre-cook the old newspapers, which in future will be useful to collect spilled fuel.


Lock nut on the fuel filter toit does not rotate. Then, using the second wrench, loosen banjo bolt located on the couplings inlet fuel line. Now, from the fuel filter on the Mazda 3 Gently remove the pressure line and remove the sealing washers, which will need to be thrown away because they can not be reused.


Now release the union nut chokeoutlet line connector. It is located at the bottom of the filter. After that, disconnect the line. Loosen the two clamping screws and remove the fuel filter from the clamp bracket. If necessary, remove the bracket itself.


Fill the new fuel filter into the retainingclamp and lightly tighten bolts. Be sure to follow the correct installation of the filter, in line with the arrow pointing in the direction which must match the fuel flow direction.


To the filter from the lower side connectfuel line, do not forget to replace a sealing washer before. Screw cap and gently tighten the flare nuts, then connect the pressure line to the upper side of the filter and tighten the hollow bolt. Filter in this case must be held against rotation. Tighten the union nut to the end of the lower connector and coupling bolts fastening clamp.


After installing the filter make the connection of the negative wire to the battery, and then, turning on the ignition, check all components of the fuel system for leaks of fuel.

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