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How to change the front pads


The front pads of the car experience a greater load when braking than the rear ones.

For normal operation of the braking system, it is necessary to replace them in time.

The periodicity of inspection of the front blocks should be no more than 15 000 km.

Pads should be replaced if the friction pads are worn down to 1.5 mm.

You will need

  • - balloon wrench-
  • - jack-
  • - emphasis on the car-
  • - pliers-
  • - Phillips screwdriver-
  • - mounting blade-
  • - a hammer-
  • - metal brush.



Install under the rear wheels of the carWheel rolls, pull out the parking brake lever. Loosen the front wheel bolts. Raise the front part of the car with a jack, set the stops and remove the front wheels.


Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir if you close the maximum with a syringe or rubber pear. Do not tighten the lid, to avoid squeezing out the liquid through the cuffs.


With a metal brush, clean the dirt of the brakes. Lubricate the guide pins with WD-40 liquid lubricant or any other penetrating lubricant.


Remove the cotter pins from the guides with pliersPins. With a hammer, carefully remove the pins from the brake cylinders using a screwdriver or a metal piercer of suitable diameter. Remove both wire locking springs from the brake pads.


Carefully insert the mounting blade betweenBrake shoe and brake disc. Press the piston into the brake cylinder. You can also use sliding pliers. Repeat the operation with the second shoe. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the level of fluid in the brake tank, the excess liquid must be pumped out.


Remove the brake pads. Clean the seats of the shoes from dirt. Do not use gasoline or other solvents to clean the brakes. Replace the new brake pads.


Grease the guide pins before installing them with grease. When installing the pins, insert the pressure springs. Secure the guide pins with special spring keys.


Install the front wheels. The final tightening of the wheel bolts to produce when the car is completely on the ground. To install the brakes in the working position, press the brake pedal a few times until it stops.


Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir andTop up if necessary. Take care the first 10-15 km of the road, until the pads are not pinned to the brake discs, tk. The efficiency of the brakes will be reduced.

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