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How can I change the front pads


The front of the car block to be highly stressed during braking than the rear.

For normal operation of the braking system must be time to replace them.

The frequency of inspection of front shoes should be no more than 15 000 km.

Pads must be replaced if the friction linings have worn to 1.5 mm.

You will need

  • - Balloon key-
  • - domkrat-
  • - Emphasis by car-
  • - passatizhi-
  • - Cruciate screwdriver-
  • - Assembly lopatka-
  • - a hammer-
  • - Metal brush.



Set under the rear wheels of the carrecoil bars, pull the parking brake lever. Loosen the bolts of the front wheels. Raise the front of the vehicle jack, substitute stops and remove the front wheels.


Check brake fluid level in a tank, if close to the maximum take away the syringe fluid or a rubber bulb. Do not tighten the lid to prevent squeezing liquid through the cuff.


Metal brush to clean dirt brakes. The guide pins grease lubricated WD-40 or any other penetrating lubricant.


Pliers to remove the pins from the railspins. Gently hammer to knock the pins out of the brake cylinders using a screwdriver or metal punch of appropriate diameter. Remove both wire retaining spring with the brake pads.


Gently insert a tire lever between thethe brake pad and the brake disc. Push the piston in the brake cylinder. You can also use the sliding pliers. Repeat the operation with the second shoe. It is necessary to monitor the fluid level in the brake reservoir, excess fluid should be pumped.


Remove the brake pads. Clear seating pad from dirt. Do not use gasoline or other solvents to clean the brakes. Fit the new brake pads.


The guide pins are lubricated before installation grease. When you install the pins insert compression springs. Secure guide pins special spring keys.


Reinstall the front wheels. Fully tighten the wheel bolts to make when the car is fully on the ground. To install the brake in the working position, repeatedly press the stop on the brake pedal.


Check brake fluid level in the reservoir andtop up if necessary. Be careful the first 10-15 km of track, is not pritrutsya pads to the brake discs, as braking efficiency will be reduced.

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