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How to change the front pads

How to change the front pads

When braking from under the front wheels of the car heard the distinctive sound of the metal, the reason for this, most likely, they are worn front pads, which means it's time to change them.

You will need

  • - domkrat-
  • - The lifting bracket ( "goats") -
  • - Balloon key-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - a hammer-
  • - wrench.



To change the front pads,Put the vehicle on a flat surface. Be sure to put it on the hand brake and a rear wheel enclose the stops. After the car is fixed, you can start to work.


Remove the four bolts securing the wheel to the hub. To do this, use the wheel wrench. Then lift the right-hand wheel and remove it. After removing the wheels, remove the wheel of a car all the way to the end position. This is to ensure that by the blocks was further facilitated access.


Thereafter, the back side brace onwhich is the blade, working them as a lever, insert it into the space between the brake pads and discs, and drown the piston brake caliper. This should be done at regular intervals to guide your fingers are not broken.


To check the level of the time of these actionsthe brake fluid in the reservoir. If it's filled up during operation, pressing the plunger its level may rise, which will lead to leakage and penetration of brake fluid on the paintwork, which can damage it. For the same reason, do not use an old rag to wipe the body of the car, if before it was used for wiping hands or parts with traces of brake fluid.


When the piston brake caliper drown to limit bend using a chisel and a hammer, an iron bolt on the stopper "13" mounting brackets to the slide guide pin.


In order to facilitate follow-up, selectupper connection. In this case, the brake caliper is not constantly fly on hand in a subsequent operation. Do not forget to remove the brake hose clamp-pillar. Otherwise, then it will not allow to push the brake clamp down completely.


Then unscrew the bolt on "13", at the same timeguide pin keep from turning the key to "17" (it must be trated with a file). If the pads are changed for the first time, the otkruchivatsya bolts are difficult, as the factory of their spin on the adhesive composition. When the bolts are unscrewed, fold caliper down.


With tilting bracket, be careful. It may fall to the guide pin and then have to fill their protective bellows in place. Inspect the condition of the protective bellows and guide pins. If the pads are worn unevenly (their difference is greater than 3.2 mm), it is difficult to cause movement of the bracket along the guide fingers. To correct this defect, remove the protective bellows, wash them in petrol and fill with graphite grease.


Finished inspection and troubleshooting,install new brake pads. Throw the brake bracket into place and pressing it a little to the blocks, tighten the bolt "13". Then slide the latch strut brake hose and install the wheel into place, and then securely tighten.

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