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How to change the file format to a music file


How to change the file format to a music file</a>

There are situations when a multimediaThe player on the computer, player, or phone refuses to recognize the music file. This may be due to an incorrect track name and its extension.

Also sometimes it is necessary to convert the file into a suitable music format.



Make sure your application is playingMusic files supports MP3 format. Also check the file name by clicking on it with the right button and selecting "Properties". It should look like "Track title.mp3" If the corresponding extension is missing, add it in the title. Also, if you are going to play a file on a computer, specify the appropriate application in the properties to launch it. If done correctly, the file icon will change to the player icon to launch it.


Set another file extension if afterRename, it still does not play. To find out its exact format, check the source from where the file was copied: Internet site, CD, etc. Perhaps, the necessary data will be indicated there. For example, other popular music formats are WAW, AC3, WMA, etc.


Specify the correct file name required for itPlaying in the player. Some programs, for example, do not support Cyrillic, which means they simply do not recognize the tracks. The name must be in English without using foreign characters, punctuation marks, etc.


Convert the file to a different music fileFormat, if necessary to open it in this or that player. There are a large number of programs intended for this purpose, for example, Nero Soundtrax, Sound Forge, Blaze Media Pro, etc. All audio converters have an almost identical principle of operation. Run the program, select "File" in the top menu, then "Open". In the Explorer window, specify the path to the file to convert it. After downloading the file, select the menu item "Save as ...". In the appeared window you will see the possibility of choosing the appropriate music format, into which the track will be converted.

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