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How to change the e-mail address

How to change the e-mail address

If you change the email address of the user is faced with the need to replace it in certain Internet services.

If you change the email address in your profile, you may miss important notices for you, who will come to the old mail.

You will need

  • Internet access account in any service.



To change your e-mail address inany internet service, you need to initially sign it. Using field login / register resource where you want to change your email address, sign in. Once you enter the site under your login, go to the Members Area.


Enter personal cabinet. This menu can be displayed on the site in different ways, some services show it in the form of a text link? My profile ?, other as links? My Account ?,? Profile settings? or? My Account ?. However, the name does not change the meaning of this section. Clicking on the link, the user is on the page of your profile, which contains the information about it.


Changing the e-mail address. In a private office absolutely any web site there is an option? Edit this ?. Turning on a link, the user is on a page edit information about yourself. Here you can change your name, date of birth, contact details and e-mail address itself. To perform such an action, you must enter in the appropriate field information about the new email address.


As a result of these shifts, you will be able to remain indate with all the latest changes in the service? reports on the work and actions of your friends notifications of new messages will now be sent to this new email address that you specified in the profile.
If necessary, re-change the email address you need to repeat the same actions in your account.

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