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How to change the site design


How to change the site design</a>

Hosting Ucoz is quite popular due to several reasons.

It's free, so it's just perfectTo create the first site, it's easy to work with and it's easy to change its design. If you are bored with the existing design of your site on Ucoz, you can easily change it.

It is about how this can be done, you can learn from the instructions below.



You can choose a design Site Of the many already proposed. Hosting offers more than two hundred designs to choose from. However, the downside here is that the most successful of them are used by many users, that is, they already, in general, become familiar to the eye and use them is not entirely appropriate. If you want to change the standard design Site, Then it's best to start by trying to change an existing one. Especially if you have to deal with the design of sites for the first time.


To start editing a particular design, go to the "General Settings". Now find the item there? Design Site?, But on the contrary? ? Choose a design ?. Before you open a window where you can choose any of the design options Site. Now choose the most attractive design option for you. Install it and you can start to modify.


Now try changing the cap Site. Picture in design Site Can be written either in the style.css file (this is a stylesheet), or in the html template.


If you are dealing with css, then find the topControl panel item? Design? ? ? Design Management (CSS) ?. The window with the style file will appear at the bottom, and you need to change it. Find the line: #header {background: url (? / Ee.jpg?) No-repeat-height: 182px- ??} and change the image in it.


If the image is written in the html template, then in this case select? Design? ? ? Design management (templates) ?, then select the item? Top Site?, Find the line: & lt-td height =? 193? Width =? 698? Style =? Background: url (? /. S / t / 341 / 7.jpg?) Left no-repeat- ??? & gt-


Now you can change the cap Site. Please note that your new hatCan not match the size of the previous one, and this means that you need to change its position on the page. You can do this in a stylesheet or in a template.


After you change the image, use the file manager to save the header to the root directory. Change the address of the picture to the one you need.


Do the same for everyone elseImages on the page until you get the desired result. Remember that if after all the changes in this design you choose some other one suggested by default, then all the changes will disappear. Good luck to you!

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