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How to change the design of the site

How to change the design of the site

Ucoz hosting is quite popular for several reasons.

It's free, so just perfectto create the first site, easy to work and easy to change its design. If you are bored with the existing design of your website Ucoz, you can easily change it.

That's how you can do it, you can learn from the instructions below.



You can choose a design website from a variety of already proposed. Hosting offers more than two hundred designs to choose from. However, the negative here is that the most successful of them is used by many users, that is, they are, in general, become familiar eye and use them is not quite appropriate. If you want to change the standard design websiteIt is better to try to start to change an existing one. Especially if you have to deal with sites designed for the first time.


To start editing of a design, go to the? General settings ?. Now get out there point? Design website? On the contrary? ? Select Design ?. This opens a window where you can choose any of the designs website. Now select the option you most likeable design. Install it and you can begin to change.


Now try to change the cap website. Picture-in-design website It can be spelled out or in style.css file (this stylesheet) or in html template.


If you are dealing with css, then get to the topControl Panel item? design? ? ? Management of design (CSS) ?. At the bottom of a window will appear with the file of styles, which you want to change. Find the line: #header {background: url (/ ee.jpg??) No-repeat-height: 182px- ??} and change her image.


If the image is written in html template, in this case, select the? Design? ? ? Design management (templates) ?, then click? The upper part website?, Find the line: & lt-td height = 193? width =? 698? style = background:? url (?. / s / t / 341 / 7.jpg?) left no-repeat- ??? & gt-


Now you can change the hat website. Please note that your new hatIt can not be matched in size to the previous one, and this means that it is necessary to change the position on the page. This can be done in a style file or template.


After you change the image, use the file manager to keep the cap in the root directory. Address pictures at the same time change to the one you want.


All the same, do, and for all otherpictures on the page until you get the desired result. Remember that if after all the changes in the design you choose any other of the proposed default, all changes disappear. Good luck to you!

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