How to change expired rights

How to change expired rights</a>

Replacement of driver's licenses is carried out in accordance with RF Government Decree 1396 from 15.12.99, Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 782 and Rules of the RF PP 1396.

To replace the rights, you should apply to the registration and examination department of the traffic police of your district, if you live in a suburb or any other area, if you live in the city.

You will need

  • - application-
  • - passport-
  • - rights with expired shelf life-
  • - medical certificate-
  • - Photo-
  • - personal driver's card-
  • - receipt for payment of state duty for changing the rights.



The driver's license must be replaced every 10 years. All documents</a>Necessary to replace rights are specified in paragraph38 instructions PP RF. If you have expired the validity period of the certificate, then you must submit to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate the expired rights, passport, application, driver's personal card, 4 photos 3x4 with the left corner, a certificate of passage of the medical board 083 / U-89, It was received, a receipt for payment of state duty. You will only take exams if your rights were received in the former Soviet republics after January 1, 1992.


There are no penalties for overdue rightsProvided, however, if you use them, it will be equated to driving a vehicle without rights. The car can be taken to the parking lot, and you will be brought to administrative responsibility and may be deprived of the opportunity to change the identity card for up to three years.


If you are overdue and you did not manageCar 12 months or more, then you will be offered to retake both the theoretical exam and the practical one. A practical exam will be offered for you to go through categories B, C or D, even if additional categories are open.


If you want to replace the overdue rights and you have changed your name, present a document confirming the new name, for example, a certificate from a registry office, a marriage certificate or divorce.


If the inspector's identity is changedThere will be a doubt about the authenticity of your expired rights, the extradition may be suspended for up to two months until all the circumstances are clarified. In all other cases, the rights are issued within one to three days, depending on the region. For this period, a temporary permit is issued so that the driver can drive the vehicle during the replacement period of the certificate.

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