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How to change the default gateway

How to change the default gateway

During migration of network equipment or computers sometimes you have to change the values ​​of DNS-servers and default gateway.

Usually it is required to specify the desired computer, through which will be accessed to the Internet.

You will need

  • - network cable.



If you want to configure networkequipment, such as a router, you must first gain access to its settings. Perform LAN-port router connection to the network computer or laptop card. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of its router line. These data can be obtained from the instruction to the network equipment.


Enter your account name and password toto access the router settings. Open the WAN menu. Find the "Default Gateway" or the Server Address. Enter the desired value in his gateway. If you need to manually set the parameters of DNS-servers, then remove the check mark from the Get DNS Automatically and enter the server IP.


Save the WAN settings menu by pressing Save or Apply button. Reboot the router device to apply the specified settings.


If you need to change the address of the principalgateway when setting up your computer, you must first open the Control Panel. Select "Network and Internet" and go to the center of the Network and Sharing Center.


Click "Change adapter settings" menu. Locate the network card icon which is connected to the network settings you want to change. Click the right mouse button and select "Properties" item.


Now scroll to "Internet ProtocolTCP / IP (v4) »and select it. Click "Properties". Manual setting of the default gateway is not possible when using the function automatically get IP-address. Therefore, activate the option "Use the following IP-address", select its checkbox.


Be sure to type in the «IP-address" valuestatic (permanent) IP for this network card. Fill in the "Default Gateway" desired number. Click "OK" to save the settings of the network adapter. Wait for the update network settings.

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