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How to change the year of birth


How to change the year of birth</a>

If you found out that the date of your birth is not accurate when you received your passport, you can correct it.

However, you can change the date of birth to an arbitrary one only by the decision of the Arbitration Court and only if there is sufficient evidence.



If the error crept only in the passport,Address with the application for his exchange in the department of FMS at the place of your residence. Imagine the passport to be corrected, the birth certificate with the correct date and 4 photos.


If the passport was issued to you on the basis of erroneousData recorded in the birth certificate, contact the Civil Registry Office at the place of residence. If the entry was made in the registry office located in another city, make an official request. Change the date Births (As well as other data in the birth certificate) can be made only if there is a receipt for payment of state duty and application.


Specify your name and phone numbers in the application. Specify the document (birth certificate) in which you want to make changes. Justify your request. Inform and other information about yourself, namely: - date Births (Corresponding to the records contained in the ZAGS archive) -
- information about the place Births And citizenship-
- information on the marital status and number of the certificate of marriage / divorce (in case you changed the name for that time) -
- information about the place of permanent registration.


However, if the records contained in the book of birth certificates in the registry office coincide with the entries in your birth certificate, then change the date Births In this case it is possible only by a court decision.


Submit together with the application to the Arbitration CourtUnquestionable evidence that the entry in the book of birth certificates made in the registry office was erroneous. Evidence that can be taken into account by the court is as follows: - certificate from the maternity home-
- certificates of other persons certified by a notary public,
- other documents confirming the fact of an erroneous entry.


If the court makes a decision in your favor, you will be required to correct all documents containing information about the date of your Births.

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