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How to change the date of birth

How to change the date of birth

If a passport was found that the date of your birth contains inaccurate, you can correct it.

However, to change the date of birth on the arbitrary, you can only by a decision of the Arbitration Court, and only if there is tangible evidence.



If an error has crept in only a passport,apply for his exchange to the FMS department at your place of residence. Imagine a passport, subject to correction, a birth certificate with a valid date and 4 photos.


If the passport was issued to you on the basis of erroneousdata recorded on the birth certificate, contact the Registry Office at the place of residence. If the entry was made in the Registry Office, which is located in another city, make a formal request. Change the date birth (As well as other data on the birth certificate) may only be carried out in the presence of the receipt on payment of state duty and statements.


Specify in the statement his name and phone number. Specify the document (birth certificate), to which you want to make changes. Give reasons for your request. Report and other information about yourself, such as: - the date birth (Corresponding to the records contained in the archive registrar) -
- Information about the place birth and grazhdanstve-
- Data on marital status and number of the conclusion / divorce (if you have changed in the meantime the surname) -
- Information on the place of permanent residence.


However, if the record contained in the book of acts of birth, being in the registry office, the same with the records on your birth certificate, you change the date birth in such a case it is possible only by court order.


Imagine together with the application to the Arbitration Courtconclusive evidence that in the book of acts of birth, made to the registrar, was erroneous. Evidence of that can be taken into account by the court, the following: - a certificate from the maternity home-
- Evidence of other persons, certified notarialno-
- Other documents confirming the fact of erroneous entries.


If the court rules in your favor, you will be required to make corrections to all documents containing information on the date of your birth.

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