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How do I change the color of your phone

How do I change the color of your phone

If the look of your cell phone considerablypoobtrepalsya or color mobile you are tired, but the purchase of a new machine is not included in your plans, the best solution is to replace the old phone to the new body.

By the way, it can be done their hands.

You will need

  • - A set of manicure nozhnits-
  • - New building.



To change the phone housing, for startersyou must determine what type of your cell. The thing is that there are phones that have changed the housing provided by the manufacturer. If you have just such a machine, then on his body you will find a few clips that need to push, and then the old spare part will be easy to remove and replace it at the acquisition.


If your phone does not apply to this model,change his body will have to spend a little more time. Please buy original spare part, which is ideal to your cell. Otherwise your actions can result in damage to the machine. Changing the phone body, which is not provided by the manufacturer, keep in mind that after this warranty for the phone will not operate. To change the body you will also need a set of miniature screwdrivers (easy to find in a specialty store).


Take a screwdriver of suitable size and carefullyUnscrew all the screws that you find on the body. Then remove it and change a new one. Be especially careful when setting the screen on the new panel: make sure that the display frame coincided exactly with the frame of the protective glass.


After you install a new body,gently tighten all the screws back in the same order in which you have twisted them. If the change of the body causes you difficulty on the internet today you can find a step by step video instructions for the analysis of any phone model. Remember that the body is replaced at mobile no big deal, be patient and careful, and everything will turn out.

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