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How to change the antifreeze Nexia

How to change the antifreeze Nexia

The coolant system (antifreeze) gradually loses its original properties and should be replaced.

The technical side of this procedure is related to the structural features of the car.

Daewoo Nexia: Design features

The car "Daewoo Nexia" is a descendantGerman Opel, upgraded South Korean company Daewoo in 1995. Since 1996, Nexia made in the subsidiaries - branches Daewoo - in Europe and Asia. In Russia, these cars come mostly from Uzbekistan. To change the coolant in a car of this model, it is necessary to know how to get to the radiator drain valve. For this it is necessary to remove the right along the front mudguard and the protection of the crankcase.

On the antifreeze and the periodicity of their replacement

The cooling fluid (coolant) should be periodicallychange. Most manuals Car manuals indicates that the antifreeze should be changed once every three years or after a run of 45 000 km. coolant operating life may depend upon its individual characteristics specified by the manufacturer. First of all, it is the most important figure - the temperature of liquid crystallization. It is clear that for the southern regions is not necessary that the temperature was minus 40 degrees Celsius.

There is a common misunderstanding about the fundamental difference antifreeze and antifreeze. Meanwhile, the cooling fluid is one of a plurality of marks antifreeze. Antifreeze literally means "antizamerzayuschy".

discharge procedure antifreeze "Daewoo Nexia"

To replace the antifreeze is necessary to drivecar on the rack or put it over a viewing hole. The engine should be warmed up so that the thermostat valve is opened - it will drain all the fluid without any problems. In any case, that it remains as small as possible, Poddomkratte the left side of the vehicle body to tilt to the front left wheel. Prepare a wide-bowl to collect the spent antifreeze, as well as the appropriate wrenches. Open the cover of the coolant expansion tank.

In order not to strip the threads on the bolts and nuts, and to facilitate the work, pre-sprinkle them with a special liquid WD-40 for the treatment of rust.

Unscrew the bolts and remove the mudguard mountinghim. Crankcase can be completely removed, leaving a left front bolt cavity to push aside. In this case, due to open access to the threaded tube with a diagonal projection-handle. Put some capacity. Hand in rubber glove (it is better to put it on top of the cloth) remove the cap, and fluid flow.

Filling fresh antifreeze

After all drained, start pouringfresh coolant. You can pre-rinsed with distilled water system, if you move from one brand to another antifreeze. In the case of preservation of the brand coolant, antifreeze mix fresh residues does not contraindicated.
Replace the drain plug. Cooling system "Daewoo Nexia" holds 6.2 liters of fluid. So pour antifreeze used in measuring utensils to know how much it will be necessary to pour fresh. After filling the system, start the engine and in the process of warming up a few times vigorously "pogazuyte" to better left accidentally trapped air.

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