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How to change starter for 2109

How to change starter for 2109

Every car owner ninth model or any other modification of, which is developed based on it, must know how to replacing the starter.

Due to the fact that he is now located in the front of the engine compartment, to work it has become much easier.

You will need

  • - Mechanical klyuchi-
  • - Ring klyuchi-
  • - sandpaper.



Getting to work, it is useful to advanceThe peculiarities of technologically-constructive structure starter installed on the VAZ 2109. And it is that the shaft sleeve is attached not to the starter, and is installed in a specially designated landing nest clutch housing. This item is subject to heavy wear, so it needs to be replaced periodically.


To change the starter in the 2109, to startyou must remove the old. To do this, remove power and driving his car on a viewing hole. This is done in order to make it easier to remove the lower engine protection.


Now, unplug all cables from the traction relay to remove his shoe connector. Then loosen all the nuts and remove the battery from the power supply high-voltage wire.


Further, removing the screws around the perimeter, removeprotection crankcase, and then immediately turn on two nuts with which the starter is mounted to the block. But before you completely remove the starter, remove another nut located top of the engine compartment.


To install a new starter, allthe above steps must be done in reverse order. But before that, be sure to lubricate the Bendix, namely, his gear. In addition, strip traction relay terminals, using conventional sandpaper. This avoids a significant drop in voltage in the circuit, which could result in poor start starter.


After preliminary processing, while inobservation hole, make the starter assembly on a regular place, and then tighten the fixing nut. Spinning they must take turns to avoid skewing the starter.


Once the nuts are tightened, attachterminal to the contact bolt and tighten another nut, insert the terminal block. Now we need to test the functionality of the starter and establish a regular place in the protection crankcase.

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