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How to change school

How has the school

Modern School has undergone a number of changes. It has become more democratic.

Pupils have a choice regarding the examination subjects, uniforms.

There were other innovations.



Now, in many schools, the wearing of the formnot necessary. Students can wear your favorite garments, as long as it is not contrary to the dress code of the school. Avoid too bright, tight dresses, short skirts.


Democracy touched and examinations. You can, in addition to the two mandatory (mathematics and Russian language), take 2 favorite subject. Choose humanitarian or technical, depending on your desire and mindset.


That can not please all students - is the extension of training a year. But now in many schools Saturday - closed. Students of the last century were obliged on that day to attend school.


The number of holidays. Now practiced trimesters, and the number of holidays increased to six. True, yet not everywhere.


In a new full-time educationunit - a psychologist. It is meant to help solve all sorts of problems. Therefore, if necessary, be sure to refer to it. The psychologist will understand the cause of the problem, will find some solutions.


Psychologists have carried out tests to see what canaffect the progress of pupils. So, sometimes it turns out that the reason for that low self-esteem. So, dear parents, do not forget to speak words of encouragement to their children.


Many parents like the fact that in today'sschools were electronic diaries. If your child is still there is not registered, then go fast registration process. Once you go to the site, look performance of his child. Now the child will not be able to tell parents that this is the second month in a diary of the teacher. Such justification is not necessary. Parents themselves see the child standing.


Look, it is necessary for some subjects"Tighten" the student. Work out with him. teacher assignments written in the electronic journal. Make them with your child, help him understand the material. Then the student will be able to improve their academic performance.

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