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How has the school changed


How has the school changed</a>

The modern school has undergone a number of changes. It has become more democratic.

The pupils have a choice regarding examination items, uniforms.

There were other innovations.



Now in many schools wearing a uniformnot necessary. Students can wear their favorite attire, the main thing is that it does not contradict the dress code of the school. Avoid too bright, tight clothes, short skirts.


Democracy touched and examinations. You can, in addition to two compulsory (mathematics and Russian), take two favorite subjects. Choose humanitarian or technical, depending on your desire and mindset.


What can please not all students is the extension of training for a year. But now in many schools Saturday is a day off. Pupils of the last century were obliged to attend school that day.


The number of vacations increased. Now practice trimester, and the number of vacations increased to six. However, for the present not everywhere.


In educational institutions there was a new staffUnit is a psychologist. He is called upon to help solve various problems. Therefore, if necessary, then be sure to refer to it. The psychologist will understand the cause of the problem, help to find several solutions.


Psychologists conduct tests to understand what canInfluence the performance of students. So, sometimes it turns out that the reason for that is low self-esteem. Therefore, dear parents, do not forget to say the words of encouragement to your children.


Many parents like that in modernSchools have electronic diaries. If your child is still not registered there, then go through the fast registration procedure. After you go to the site, look at the progress of your child. Now the child will not be able to tell his parents that the teacher's diary is already the second month. Such an excuse is not necessary. Parents themselves see the progress of the child.


Look at what subjects"Pull up" the student. Work with him. In the electronic journal, teachers write assignments. Do them together with the child, help him understand the material. Then the student will be able to improve his academic performance.

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