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How to change the profession in 30 years

How to change the profession in 30 years

The number of people aged 30 years, who want to change their profession, increasing annually by 5%. The main reasons: low salary, or an error in selecting a class.

Many of the fear of failure can not be solved on such an important step, but it is a psychological problem, and it can be solved.



Clearly mark the goal: as someone you want to work, where to get what salary, what heights to achieve the career ladder. Record all of this information on a piece of paper. In other words, visualize an image.


Decide on the resources available - you can already? This information is secure on the left side of the paper (there are education, work experience). On the right - what is missing.


You can, of course, decide to go to college. But is it worth?
It is at this stage it is important to choose the rightmeans to an end. If you have a university degree, respectively, the foundations laid. If there is little experience - also excellent. Then it is necessary to bring the existing knowledge in the system and to add new ones. Therefore it is best to enroll in courses and to improve their skills to the required level.


Start small. Arrange a job of their dreams in a small office. At work, it is important to establish itself as a competent and qualified person. Management certainly appreciate it, and in the service increase will not take long.

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