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How to change your phone

The telephone was invented in 1932 by the American scientist Alexander Graham Bell.

Initially cell phones were big, expensive and unwieldy, "a plaything of the rich." Today, the phone is almost everyone, and it can fit in your pocket.

How to change these communication devices?



phone evolution has been caused by companies struggleand technological approaches and views on business. The initiative passed (along with financial success) to the company, which has been trending better than the others decided ties ordinary users problem.


US firm AT & T was the first telephonecompany in the world. She bought the patent from Bell and become a kind of monopoly. She managed to link wired communication channel of the largest US cities: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston. Devices the size of the current stove and hundreds of telephone operators, the switching is done manually - the most important milestones of the time.


Phones of all smaller and smaller in size. But the real revolution was the proposed company-manufacturer of printers Xerox phone-fax. Thousands of entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange documents in the blink of an eye - it was a breakthrough in the history of the telephone industry.


Still, the main drawback was their phonesattachment to the wire. Science enabled the use of electromagnetic waves as information transmitting means. AT & T has returned to the market major telecom players, revealing the world mobile communication, so named because of the principle of cells (the information is transmitted over radio waves from one section to another hexagon in the center of each cell - tower-radio antenna). Mobiles then weighed ten kilograms and used only in cars.


Siemens and Nokia in the early 90-ies of the XX centuryWe choose the size problem. Mobile phones can now be placed in the pocket. A British students used a protocol error to free exchange of information. So there were SMS-messages.


Apple has created the first sensor device accommodating a mobile phone, a laptop computer and music player. IPhones have gained hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.


The story does not end phones, andtelecommunications market is one of the most dynamic. Cisco is creating solutions for business, Microsoft uses the VO-IP service Skype, and Google - millions of devices in the free Android operating system.

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