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How to change the electric meter

How to change the electric meter

Electric meter - a device to record energy consumption. Counters are of three kinds: one tariff, dual-rate and trehtarifnye.

The consumer has the right to set yourself anymodel of the meter, but on their own to take the old appliance and carry out the installation of a new strictly prohibited and may result in large fines by the supply company.

Therefore, all actions should be agreed.

You will need

  • - Resolution on the installation or replacement of the device ucheta-
  • - zayavlenie-
  • - passport.



Purchase accounting device which willmeet your requirements for electricity. Counters with one rate charge for electricity during the period excluding the time of day. Dual-rate instruments allow for the energy consumption in the daytime and at night. Payment is made on two tariffs, where the night is much cheaper. Trehtarifnye devices allow for triple accounting, divided into day and night rush hours, when the maximum rate is expensive due to increased energy consumption by the entire population.


Whichever model you choose the electricity, as long as it was listed in the state registry as a device that has been certified and received permission for the metering of electricity in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Please consult the suppliers of electricity, writean application for replacement of meters. You will be given an order that you have received the right to make their own counter replacement or invite a professional electrician.


If you invite a specialist, you will carry out the installation in accordance with all rules and requirements imposed by the electricity for the supply of electricity.


If you are installing device yourselfaccount, then put it in an accessible place as close to the cable entry at the height of 1 meter to 70 centimeters and at least 80 centimeters from the floor. All wires are connected by clips, which you can buy in a specialized store. Screw the counter on the panel, designed for installation. The device must be in a room with a temperature not lower than 0 degrees at the coldest time of the year.


After installation, call a specialist in control of the energy supplier. You will be sealed unit and will be given the act of commissioning.


Refer to the department on work with customers and sign a contract for payment and delivery of electricity.


If you live in an apartment building, make a copy of a contract and take it to the housing department.

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