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How to change the electric counter


How to change the electric counter</a>

An electric meter is a device for measuring electricity consumption. Counters are of three types: one-tariff, two-tariff and three-tariff.

The consumer has the right to establish anyThe electric meter model, but it is strictly forbidden to remove the old device and carry out the installation of the new one and may lead to large penal sanctions on the part of the supplying company.

Therefore, all actions should be coordinated.

You will need

  • - the decision to install or replace the meter-
  • - application-
  • - passport.



Acquire an accounting device that willMeet your requirements for paying for electricity. Counters with one tariff take into account the consumed electricity during the entire period without taking into account the time of day. Two-tariff devices allow to take into account energy consumption in day and night time. Payment is made at two rates, where the night is much cheaper. Three-tariff devices allow for the production of triple accounts, divided by day, night and peak hours, when the tariff is the most expensive because of the increased energy consumption by the entire population.


Whatever model of electricity meter you choose, the main thing is that it should be listed in the state register as an instrument that has been certified and has received permission to account for electricity in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Contact your electricity supplier, writeApplication for the replacement of the meter. You will be given a decision, after which you have the right to make a replacement of the meter yourself or to invite a professional electrician.


If you invited a specialist, then you will be installed in accordance with all the rules and requirements set by the electricity company for the supply of electricity.


If you install the device yourselfAccount, then put it in an accessible place, as close to the input cable, at a height of not more than 1 meter 70 centimeters and not less than 80 centimeters from the floor. All the wires are connected by means of clamps, which you can buy in a specialized store. Screw the counter onto the flap to install it. The device should be located in a room with a temperature not lower than 0 degrees in the coldest time of the year.


After installation, call a control specialist from the energy supply company. You will be sealed and the commissioning certificate will be issued.


Contact the customer service department and sign a contract for payment and supply of electricity.


If you live in a tenement house, then make a photocopy from the contract and take it to the housing maintenance department.

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