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How to change the documents by changing the names

How to change the documents by changing the names

Most women change their surname to her husband's last name when marrying. There are other, less common causes of change of surname.

Whatever it was, changing the name, we have to change their documents, except with written into them they will old data is invalid.



First of all be engaged in the exchange of passports. Term exchange it for the law of the Russian Federation - 1 month, if you are overdue exchange - will have to pay a considerable fine.
So, for the exchange of passport you will need: 5 photos of the established form, receipt of payment of registration fee for the passport form (paid to the savings bank), an application for a passport, the old passport and the original marriage certificate or divorce (if they are the cause of the change of surname).


Refer to the passport office, fill in some blanks there, write the appropriate application, leave them all gathered to exchange documents.

Exchange of old to a new passport is performed for 10 days.
If you have a passport, it is alsoredeemable after you change a Russian passport. Who made the passport with a microchip. Manufacturing term - 1 month. To replace the needs of your new Russian passport and application sharing.


The next document that you need to change urgently a policy of compulsory medical insurance (MHI policy).

Contact the city department of your insurance company, do not forget to bring your new passport, the old policy and work record, if you are working.

You will immediately be given a temporary medical insurance policy and say, when to come for a permanent document.


Now you need to get SNILS - insurancecertificate of compulsory pension insurance - a small plastic green card. To do this, go to the pension fund by place of residence, with a take a new passport, a photocopy of the passport, marriage certificate and a photocopy of it (if you change the names of the reason - the marriage). The pension fund to fill out an application and document sharing through the month comes and takes it with a new name.


Another document, which is to be replaced, inname change - it is the so-called VAT number or tax identification number. For its exchange contact the tax office, do not forget the old inn and your new passport. The tax office you will have to fill in the application form. Term of manufacturing of a new TIN - one working week.


Education documents such as diploma and certificate exchange are not subject by changing the names.

The workbook is a simple fix your old names to the new.


Driver's license, if you have suchthere, it changes the local traffic police department. To share certificates need photos of the established sample, a new passport, the old law and the written statement by you. Although the law provides for the use of the old rules, coupled with the presentation of a marriage certificate.


Passbooks and credit cards changedin the respective banks. will write an application and attach a copy of the marriage certificate for this you need to. Although, in the passbook, more often, simply make notes on changing the names.


real estate and other property documents registered in your old name remain valid upon presentation of the marriage certificate.

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