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How to change Haydee in Vkontakte

How to change Haydee in Vkontakte

Recently, the famous social network "VKontakte" has introduced users to change Haydee address yourself.

The function is now available for administrators of public and communities, and the event created for the user home page.



Select the address for your personal namepage or the community "VKontakte". Note that the specified Id (Haydee) will be your identifier for other users. That is why it is important to choose a good name right address. For example, if you are a man of business, it is better to use Haydee your name, Konfetka superman and are unlikely to be appropriate.


To change Haydee in "VKontakte" yourprofile to start, go to your account or select "My Settings" in the list on the left of the page. In the tab "General", scroll the mouse wheel down a bit here and find the line "Address your page."


In the field provided, enter the desired address,Eliminate the current that contains only numbers. click "Change Address" After you complete these steps. If the selected address is already there, "VKontakte" will warn you about this and ask you to select another option.


Those who wish to change their Haydee group or meeting,you need to go to the main community page and click on the item "page management". In the "Information" tab, select the "Page Address" and enter the desired name. Do not forget to save the result.

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