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In large-scale concept for a lot of centuries, it has changed not only the world, but its representatives. Both people and animals have undergone tremendous changes.

But how changed modern women, for example, over the past few decades?



Over the last quarter-century women, theirlooks, fashion, social attitude towards life, the interest of a lot has changed. Women are much more independent and many of them are now considering the prospect to arrange his life only through a successful marriage. Modern girls rely more on themselves, their knowledge and skills. Study career occupies a large part of their mind and free time.


Women today have got a man's hobby. Cooking, sewing, knitting, sewing ladies interested less. They like to engage in extreme sports. In addition, many modern women no longer married to rush to acquire or cohabitant. Previously, women in men valued primarily status now in the first place come the mental abilities of the partner, the opportunity to talk to him on a variety of interesting topics.


However, the outlook of modern girls (as well asmen) extremely narrowed. This is indicated by numerous studies of sociologists. The problem is that today most of the people moved to the Internet, reading books has become much less, less useful look TV shows, theater productions, a little talk to each other face to face.


The attitude toward sex among modern women alsoundergoes a change. It has become much easier than before. Now, many women do not consider abnormal things like sex on the first day of love or sex for one night. For modern ladies intimate relations more formal approach and very simplistic.


The current girl travels a lot on your own car,without relying on men, led by large groups, sometimes even more successful man is able to carry out large-scale presentations, organize big events. But often it does not know how to equip a home cosiness, to cook, to restore order in the house, in the kitchen and in their closets.


The desire to effectively dress, make-inducing,stylish look at the modern lady has not disappeared. In this matter, there was always a balance as one hundred or two hundred years ago. Women who do not know how and did not like to look good in society and at home, and do not like to do so, a quarter century later. And those of the fair sex, who mastered the art of pointing a make-up on his face, and knew how to properly compose your fashionable clothes two or three decades ago, and today constantly monitor the fashion trends.

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