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How to change the wheel


The process of changing the wheel is specially facilitated for quick replacement</a>

On the road, anything can happen, but the most common problem with different brands of cars is a tire tire puncture.

A spare wheel must always be provided in the car.

The process of changing the wheel is specially facilitated for quick replacement, as there are times when a long stop on this section of the road is prohibited.

You will need

  • A jack, a spare wheel, a balloon key? On 19 ?, the pump.



To start, you need to put the car onhand brake. It is also desirable to squeeze the clutch and turn on the second or third speed to additionally hold the car. For more confidence, especially if the car is on a sloping road, you can put something heavy (stones, bricks) under the wheels against a possible rollback of the car.


Then loosen the wheel bolts. This is done with a special balloon key (usually a balloon wrench is used for 19?). On most brands of cars there are only four such bolts, but on sports cars there can be more of them. The initial force on the key is usually fed with a foot, and then the bolts can be loosened by hand. The main thing is not to unscrew the bolts at this stage completely.


Next, you need to subdivide the machine from the sidePunctured wheel. To do this, you need to substitute a folded jack under the specially reinforced part of the car's bottom (under-hood). First, supporting the jack, you need to start laying it out. When the car densely lies on the paw of the jack, you can safely continue lifting the car. It is necessary to raise it until the moment when wheel, Subject to replacement, will not rotate freely (check by scrolling with his hand).


After the machine is lifted, it is necessary to unscrew the wheel bolts (after easing it can be done with your hand).


Then it is necessary to remove wheel From the hub.


Next, you need to put the spare wheel. It must fall into two guides.


After this, it is necessary to tighten the existing wheel bolts (you can start by hand).


Lower the car (fold the jack).


Tighten the wheel bolts tightly with the balloon wrench (you can also twist the foot, but do not break the thread).


In the event that the spare wheel At half-mast, it is necessary to pump it.

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