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How to change a tire

The process of replacing the wheels specially facilitated for quick replacement

On the road, anything can happen, but the most common problem is the different brands of cars tire puncture.

The machine must always be provided for the spare wheel.

The process of replacing the wheels specially facilitated for quick replacement, since there are situations where a long stop on this stretch of road is prohibited.

You will need

  • Jack, spare tire, wheel wrench? 19 ?, the pump.



First we need to put the car onhand brake. It is also desirable to squeeze the clutch and turn the second or third gear, in addition to keep the car. For greater certainty, especially if the vehicle is on the sloping road, you can put under the wheels of something heavy (stone, bricks) against the possible rollback of the machine.


Then, loosen the wheel bolts. This is done with a special brace (commonly used brace? 19?). On most brands of cars in all four of these bolts, but their sports cars can be and more. Initial efforts on key leg is usually served, and then the bolts can be loosened and the hand. The main thing is not to unscrew the bolts at this stage completely.


Next, you need a car jacking byprokolovshegosya wheel. To do this, substitute folded a jack under a specially reinforced bottom part of the car (poddomkratnik). Initially supporting jack, you must start it lay. When the car is tight will be on foot of the jack, you can safely continue to lift the machine. Raising it should be up to the moment when wheelTo be replaced, will not rotate freely (check by scrolling through his hand).


Once the machine is raised, you must unscrew the wheel bolts (after loosening it can be done by hand).


Then, remove the wheel from the hub.


Next, you need to put spare wheel. It must get into the two guides.


After that, you need to tighten the wheel bolts are available (for a start you can by hand).


To lower the car (to lay down a jack).


Tighten the wheel bolts using the brace (tighten the leg as possible, but not stripped threads).


If spare wheel lowered, it is necessary to pump it.

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