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Chanel number 5: the last century or unfading classics?

Chanel number 5: the last century or unfading classics?

Chanel №5 perfume - a legendary fragrance. They recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday, but still remain at the peak of popularity among young ladies, as well as more mature women.

A number of fans is increasing every year.

Create a legendary fragrance

History Chanel№5 spirits originates in the distant1920. Then Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite Dmitry Romanov, a grandson of Alexander II of, introduced her to Eduardovich Ernest Bo, a former court perfumer of the Romanov family. Before visiting this legendary character designer thought about creating your own flavor.
Then all the spirits consisted exclusively ofnatural ingredients, so the final result was quite predictable perfumer and fragrance quickly run out of steam. Of course, such an approach did not suit Coco Chanel. The only flavor that really inspired her, was the smell of freshly washed human body. However, Monsieur Beau turned her sights on perfumes, offering a combination of aldehydes. As a result, Bo is still obtained consent for the manufacture of perfume.
During one of their meetings, he offered hersniff a few songs he created. Mademoiselle came to taste the flavor at number 5. According to one version, this mixture of oils turned out quite by accident due to an error of the famous "nose" and an incorrect dosage of ingredients. But the choice has been made. It should be noted that the composition is difficult to obtain, and consisted of more than 80 components.
The basis of the name of the perfume designer has laid down the name and number of the probe, which she preferred. Thus were born Chanel№5.

Interesting facts about Chanel№5

Initially, the legendary perfume stand out amongtheir predecessors. Then perfumers preferred to manufacture intricate bottles for their creations and rewarded their fanciful names. Chanel№5 had very laconic title and sold in a simple glass bottle rectangular shape. In those days it seemed bizarre and even ascetic.
To draw more attention to its flavor,Mademoiselle decided to give spirits before selling several of his girlfriends, rotating in the high society of Paris. Soon the news of the recent pop flavor has been on everyone's lips. Even there was a secret club Chanel№5 lovers. It was then that the spirits went on sale. No wonder that the first batch sold out in a matter of hours.
Since then, after more than 90 years, and spiritsChanel№5 can still be seen on the dresser newly fashionistas and lovers of simple classics. They are out of time and there is only one version, the formula of which has not changed over the years. In honor of the anniversary of the brand Chanel handbag even released in the form of a vial in a transparent and black.

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