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Chainsaw or electric saw: what is the best choice for construction?


Dacha owners and owners of country houses oftenHave to perform various works on wood. Of course, to cut wood or cut down small knots on a tree it is possible with the help of an ax or a hacksaw. But if you need to put a frame or cut down an old tree, then you can not do without reliable petrol or electric saws.

Mobility and portability

The main advantage of chainsaws is portability,It does not depend on electricity, it can be used anywhere. However, in order to prepare it for work, it will take time, since the fuel mixture must first be diluted. Work with a chainsaw is possible under all weather conditions, but at low temperatures it can be difficult to start.

The main advantage of electric saws is simplicityWork with it. However, in some cases, for example at high humidity and during rain, it is not recommended to use it. With an electric saw it is possible to work in closed premises, it, unlike a chainsaw, does not emit exhaust gases.
A major drawback of electric saws is the dependence on the availability of electricity. If you intend to use it for outdoor work, you will have to take care of the extension cord.

Power and scope of use

Electric saws belong to household tools, theyCompact, their weight, as a rule, is less than the weight of any chainsaw. If you compare the power, then by this criterion, household electric and chainsaws are practically the same. But semi-professional and professional chainsaws are much more powerful than any electric model.

Chainsaw is indispensable in the construction of houses, and professional models of saws can be used even for working with frozen wood.

For work with dense wood it is best to choose a chainsaw, and for small construction works an electric model with the help of which even thin boards can be cut evenly can be used.

When carrying out work with an electric stove, it is recommended to take a break every 20-30 minutes to allow the engine to cool down.

Features of care and maintenance

Working with any tool requires certainSkills and knowledge. In order to understand the features of the care of the instrument, it is necessary to know its structure and operating principle. Then during operation it is possible to avoid unpleasant situations, including traumatism.

About care of a specific instrument is written inOperating Instructions. But there are common points. The choice of chain and tire depends on the model of the saw and the work performed. For benzo and electropil it is necessary to choose a special lubricating oil for the chain, and for chainsaws it is necessary to additionally purchase gasoline (usually AI-92) and engine oil (usually two-stroke semi-synthetic or mineral) to prepare a fuel mixture.

The operation of chainsaws, as a rule, is more expensive.

Thus, having estimated the main characteristics of different models of saws, it can be concluded that the choice of saw depends on the type of work planned and the conditions for their implementation.

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