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Cerebral aneurysms: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Cerebral aneurysms: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

When a brain aneurysm is expanding arteries of Willis, or large blood circle.

At an enlarged section of the vessel is filled with blood, which at any time may lead to a complete rupture. It is worth noting, in most cases, an aneurysm is a congenital defect.

Much less - acquired illness due to the development of hypertension, atherosclerosis or after injuries.

The symptoms of brain aneurysm

When apoplectic form of vascular aneurysmin the brain can not guess the patient for many years that suffers from a serious disease. Only 20-25% of the cases there are occasional cephalgia. Clinical symptoms are similar to migraine. Pain can not be removed by any pharmaceuticals. It is a strong pain forced to seek medical attention.

Paralytic type of aneurysm cerebral vesselsIt causes progressive brain lesion cranial nerves. Most often suffers oculomotor and optic nerve. The patient may rapidly lose visual acuity. When you break the blood vessels the patient may go into a coma. Untimely provide medical care threatens death.

Diagnosis of a brain aneurysm

The most accurate picture of the disease can bereceive during angiography. Also designate computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Based on these survey results doctor makes an accurate diagnosis and developing a treatment strategy.

Treatment of brain aneurysm

With a few small aneurysmssizes prescribed monitoring survey to trace the dynamics of growth. In other cases, the patient is prescribed surgery: clipping or occlusion. Currently, endovascular embolization is considered to be an alternative to surgery and is increasingly used.

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