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Ceramic tile for walls

Ceramic tiles - simple and tasteful

Ceramic tiles - the most common finishing materials used in the decoration of bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Such popularity is due to the durability and aesthetic appeal.

Currently, ceramics has manyvarieties, so make a choice sometimes is very difficult: it depends not only on the ideas of the designer, but also on the technical characteristics, as well as an economic component.

Manufacturers ceramic tile

Among the other countries in the production ofthe material is definitely in the lead of Spain and Italy. There are some factories as Fap, Imola, Bestile, Ceracasa, Baldocer (Spain) and many others. Among the leading Russian brands "Shakhtynsk tile", "Contact", "Lira-Ceramics", "Velor", "Falcon", etc. Info Cersanit

Ceramic tiles in the usual form is known from the times of Alexander the Great, but the tradition to decorate the walls of pieces of ceramic - mosaic - appeared a few thousand years before him.

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Domestic tile most affordable - itprice starts from 190 rubles per m2. International starts from 800 rubles, for example, a collection of Blancos Ape Ceramica. The price range depends on the design, fashion, materials and method of manufacture. Currently, the most popular imitation texture under the metal, velvet and other textile, leather and animal fur. As for materials, the traditionally most expensive tile is made by hand from white clay, which does not change the tone of the glaze after baking - all the colors in the picture are obtained clean.

How to choose a tile for walls

The choice facing material for walls startcalculating a required amount. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the surface to be treated and added to it 10% based combat and replace scrap. From this number, and we should proceed with the purchase of a particular tile size. The ideal is to draw a diagram of the wall, the planned number of rows and arrangement of tiles.

The bathroom and toilet all finishingmaterials should be water-resistant, so you should choose a glazed wall tiles for her. In the kitchen, this property is only required when facing the apron - the rest of the area can be pasted tiles without glaze. Choose the material must also be based on the colors of the entire premises used invoices, general design space.

By selecting a specific collection, assess its quality: the exact size, geometry, flatness, uniform coloration. All tiles must be from the same party, or you risk not to get in tune. To choose a background inlays, borders and related materials.

For a kitchen apron and bathroom walls isselect tile classes III and IV hardness glaze. I-III classes are not designed for continuous exposure to water and detergents. Total 2-3 years icing covered spider web of cracks.

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How to save on tile

The best way to save - buy a tiledirectly from the manufacturer or its official supplier. If you want to arrange a small room, wait for the sale of a large hardware store, there is always the opportunity to buy a luxury tiles at reasonable prices. However, you can buy the remnants of several collections and place a large area in the eclectic style or patchwork, which are now very popular.

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