Cement-sand mixture: quality criteria</a>

Cement-sand mixture is a universal building material made of portland cement, sand and additional additives, which can be used depending on the purpose of the solution.

This variety of construction mixture is used for various jobs.

Quality of repair of the future premises depends on its quality.

Varieties of mixtures

With the development of construction technologies aroseMany varieties of cement-sand mixtures. Among the great variety of materials, it is possible to distinguish cement-sand plasters, masonry mortars and sand-concrete. Cement plaster is used in the processing of concrete and brick surfaces. It differs depending on the size of the filler and is a kind of cement putty with the difference that this type of plaster does not need additional treatment after application.

Masonry mortars are used for installationCeramic blocks, bricks, various types of concrete, wooden structures, floor installation, reinforcement, etc. This is a ready-to-use composition that ensures the laying of building materials and the durability of the whole structure. Sand concrete is used in the manufacture of floors with increased strength characteristics. It is made with the use of various chemical additives, allowing to increase the strength of the material, and in its construction it more closely resembles fine-grained concrete.

Before using the mixture, carefully read the instructions for dilution and use.

Choosing the right mixture

The quality of the mixture depends largely on theAt its manufacture of materials: sand, cement, chemical additives, and also a parity of all these elements. The most successful proportion of binder and sand is 1 to 3, i.е. 6 units of sand are added to the cement-lime base with a ratio of 1 to 1.

According to GOST, the mixtures have different markingsDepending on the strength and stability, which is determined by the quality of the sand. The mixture, marked M-150, is capable of withstanding the load up to 150 kg / cm ^ 2, and M-300 - 300 kg / cm ^ 2, respectively. However, when choosing a material, it is not necessary to be guided only by the strength parameters; The higher the given index, the less the ability of the surface to withstand the physical stress that arises during operation. As a result, the risk of cracking in the building structure increases. Moreover, the composition should not contain any foreign additives and fillers, except for those from which this material is made.

The quality of the material used is also affected by weather conditions, irregularity of the mixture with improper mixing and large differences in the thickness of the material to be applied.

When determining the quality of mixtures,Mobility of the material, its ability to retain water, delamination, the temperature at which application is possible, medium density and humidity. The ability to retain liquid in mixtures should be at least 90%, and the delamination should have a coefficient of not more than 10%. The temperature of use should be at least 10-15 ° C, and the humidity should not exceed 0.1%.

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