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CELEBRITIES, anorexics

Celebrities, anorexics

The desire to gain a slender figure in somepeople turn into a real mania. The man himself seems constantly thick, day by day more and more seriously limits the diet and increase physical activity.

As a result, the body is strongly depleted and life is threatened.

Anorexia - lethal means of weight loss

Anorexia is today recognized as a mentaldisease. In people suffering from illness data, there is no proper understanding of eating disorders. They studiously ignore the needs of the body, significantly reducing diet. This is done in order to attain harmony and beauty.
However, people who suffer from anorexia, neverThey are pleased with the results. They think that it is necessary to throw in order to achieve the ideal of a little bit more. Gradually, the body is completely exhausted, the internal organs cease to function properly, and the person eventually dies. The victims of a dangerous disease was a lot of celebrities.

Anorexia most often "attacks" at the young age of women from 14 to 25 years. Sometimes, however, a problem faced by young people. For example, for a long time recovering from anorexia actor McCauley Culkin.

Some time ago was a real anorexiathe scourge of the modeling business. From illness he died not one mannequin. The first notorious event was the death of Anna Carolina Reston, 22-year-old Brazilian-born model. The main face of fashion house Armani weighed about 40 kg at 172 cm height.
The next case was the death of twoRamos-sister models - Luisel and Eliana. Girls like Anna Caroline, died in 2006, with a difference of just six months. Following these events, on anorexia pay serious attention to the doctors all over the world.

Celebrities extreme thinness

Modern celebrities often suffer from anorexia. Slim figure for many of them is a measure of success. In this case the stars are actively deny their illness.
Anorexia has long been a true "companion" VictoriaBeckham. Being a young, fairly well-fed woman, she heard the angry words of one producer who offered her to "remove their folds of fat." Reprimand, made in the presence of a third party, caused psychological trauma and long-term fight for your figure and health.

Today, Victoria Beckham is trying to eat right. However, even the birth of four children did not do her figure rounded. Weight of the famous singer and designer only 45 kg.

A few years ago the world was struck by photosactress Nicole Richie. They star looked haggard, tired and very skinny. Within a few months she took off nearly 30 kg. "Come to your senses," Nicole Richie only after it has passed the appropriate treatment in the clinic and became pregnant. However, today the figure is different actress stands out bones.
Today, the paparazzi are increasingly accused of being toothinness actress and director Angelina Jolie. Doctors in agreement with this conclusion: from celebrities clearly observed anorexia caused by trauma. Angelina does not hide its problems, stressing that diligently struggling with it.
In today's modeling industry, after a hard2006, has its own rules. On the world's catwalks it is forbidden to produce models, body mass index is below 18. This solution has always adhered to and the company Victoria`c Secret: «Angels" has never been gaunt and thinness.
However, two recent photographs of top modelscaused a flurry of indignation. Fans were amazed emaciated Candice Sveynpul and Alessandra Ambrossio. Besides them, the victims of anorexia become Kate Bosworth, Tori Spelling, Mary-Kate Olsen and popular stylist Rachel Zoe.

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