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How to celebrate Pentecost in Russia

As in Russia celebrated the Trinity

Trinity - one of the most popular and beautiful holiday in Russia. Having merged with the old Slavic holiday Sedmikom, it meant the end of spring and beginning of summer.

On this day Christian tradition firmly intertwined with the ancient Russian customs and rituals.

Nature wakes up after hibernation violently: flowered grass, trees covered with leaves.

The good mood did not leave the Slavs.

Trinity celebrated in Russia is beautiful and fun.



Birch - the festive tree on the Trinity. She used the remaining trees adorn themselves after the winter earrings. Therefore, all the ternary ceremonies were made in the tree or in conjunction with it. The Slavs believed that this tree is endowed with great vitality.


Birch branches and grasses graced the house andtemples. They arranged the corners, scattered on the floor, put on the windowsill. It seemed that all the rooms in the day turns into a green grove. Not for nothing was the traditional green color of the clothes on the Trinity. Women wore green scarves, sir - green robe in the service, and men - green shirt. Trinity celebrated in Russia is beautiful and elegant.


At Trinity young girls perform the ritual. Traditionally decorated with red ribbons around the birches circle dances and wove wreaths. As they used to say, "curled". Wreath could curl themselves or someone else. Young girls and women "kumilis" through the wreath. They kissed each other through it and become friends for life. Our ancestors knew how to work and celebrate.


And in this day elegantly decorated with birchworn with the songs on the girls home, and then together with wreaths were allowed to swim the river. And at the same time wondering: would kill a wreath to the beach - get married in his village, the river will suffer - not to see marriage this year.


On the Trinity decided to eat in the garden under birch treesscrambled eggs. And invite to the feast godparents. Ate of pottery spoons. Then they threw the spoon into the field and asked to send a rich harvest of grain. And the Trinity was made not to deny the poor and the poor in alms and food.


The church also practices three times kneel during the service. And at this time you need to get three weave a wreath.
So go to church with a large bouquet offlowers and herbs. The wreath, woven in the church, it was considered endowed with great healing power. It hung on the place of honor, and a cold winter, all had tea of ​​these herbs.

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