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How to celebrate the Trinity in Russia


How to celebrate the Trinity in Russia</a>

Trinity is one of the most beloved and beautiful holidays in Russia. Having merged with the ancient Slavonic holiday by Sedmik, it meant the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

On this day, Christian traditions closely interwoven with ancient Russian customs and rituals.

Nature wildly woke up after hibernation: the herbs blossomed, the trees were covered with leaves.

A good mood did not leave the Slavs.

Celebrated the Trinity in Russia beautifully and cheerfully.



Birch is the most festive tree in the Trinity. She before the rest of the trees decorates itself after the winter catkins. Therefore, all the triune rites were performed at this tree or with it. Slavs believed that this tree is endowed with great vitality.


Birch branches and herbs were decorated at home andTemples. They were placed in corners, scattered on the floor, laid on the windowsills. It seemed that all the premises on this day turned into a green grove. No wonder the green color was the traditional color of clothing for the Trinity. Women wore green handkerchiefs, the priest - a green cassock for service, and men - green shirts. Celebrated the Trinity in Russia beautifully and elegantly.


At the Trinity, young girls performed rituals. Traditionally, round baubles decorated with red ribbons were played with round dances and wreaths. As used to say "curled". The wreath could be curled on itself or someone else. Young girls and women "poured" through a wreath. They kissed through him and became friends for life. Our ancestors knew how to work and celebrate.


And on this day, elegantly decorated with a birchThey wore songs to the girls' houses, and then, along with the wreaths, they swam along the river. And at the same time they guessed: they will beat a wreath to the shore - you will marry in your village, carry along the river - you will not see marriage this year.


On the Trinity it was customary to eat in the garden under the birch treesFried eggs. And invite the kulaks to this meal. We ate from the pottery with spoons. Then they threw spoons in the field and asked to send a rich harvest of bread. And on the Trinity it was accepted not to deny the poor and the poor in alms and food.


In the church, too, the customs: three times kneel during the service. And at this time you need to weave three wreaths.
Therefore, the church comes with large bouquets ofFlowers and herbs. The wreath woven in the church was considered to be endowed with great healing power. He was hanged in a place of honor and in the winter of all the colds they drank tea from these herbs.

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