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How to meet Valentine's Day


How to meet Valentine's Day</a>

Foreign holidays and traditions are increasingly taking root in Russia, not ignored by our compatriots and Valentine's Day - the holiday of all lovers.

You will need

  • - candles-
  • - chocolate-
  • - a sparkling drink-
  • - paper and pen.



The first thing you need to start preparing for the DayValentine, this is to inform your half that you want to celebrate this holiday and not just spend this evening together, but also to truly celebrate it. Let him think that he accurately remembers about this day, it will not be superfluous to indicate his desire - some people need to talk directly about their plans.


If the partner is not enthusiastic aboutThe possible celebration of an unfamiliar Catholic event, convince him of the argument that you want to mark the fact that you are each other, and let it coincide with the day when lovers around the world exchange hearts and gifts, and the situation is the most that neither is romantic.


Choose a convenient time for both dates, becauseIt will be just that. It does not matter whether you are married or recently dating - romance is useful at any stage of the relationship. If you live in an apartment not alone, this evening either spend outside the house, or ask relatives to go to visit. Usually February 14 cinemas delight lovers with romantic comedies, and restaurants - desserts, decorated with hearts.


Prepare for your loved one romantic notes. It can be compliments, confessions, romantic memories, clear only to you two, and even instructions for action.


If you have the opportunity to stay at homeFace to face, prepare a romantic dinner. It is not so important what kind of food it will be, but to create an atmosphere the table can be served with candles, tall glasses and a light sparkling drink. It is not at all necessary to drink champagne, it may even be mineral water, but the rising bubbles in a glass in the light of a living fire will set the mood of the whole evening.


If you intend to continue a romanticEvening is no less romantic at night, do not be zealous with either food or alcohol. Heaviness in the stomach and excess of alcohol will direct your thoughts not to the side of passionate passion, but to the medicine cabinet, which I would like to avoid this evening more than ever. Light snacks, salad, fruit, chocolate, a little champagne - these are the ingredients for a perfect dinner-foreplay.


But the main thing in this evening is the mood. Not for the sake of a holiday, but a holiday for you, just another reason to tell each other how much you love each other and how much you appreciate.

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