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How to celebrate a group

How does the group achieve fame?</a>

Today more and more new music groups, who are yet unknown to anyone, have their own views on the world and express it in their work.

In order for such groups to be able to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and their vision of music to the broad masses, a "promotion" of the team is necessary.

How can you glorify the group?

You will need

  • Recording equipment
  • Clean disks
  • Access to the Internet



Create a group album.To begin with, you need to record quality tracks that are characterized by excellent sound. It is advisable to record songs on one disc, which will be the band's first album. Such a disc should always be with you, in order to demonstrate it to the person concerned if necessary. It is even better that there is more than one disk in the stock, as various force majeures can occur, for example, the disc turns out to be defective, etc.


Advertise Group.It is necessary to begin to untwist Group As a brand. To do this, you need to post songs on well-known Internet portals in order to win at least minimal popularity. You can send some songs to radio stations, which, if you wish, can always drive songs on the air. Do not forget about television. True, not familiar to anyone Group Federal channels are unlikely to be released, but at the regional level it is quite possible to become recognizable.


Be individual. It is necessary for the group to develop their own logo or to highlight a specific "chip" - that is, a distinctive feature. This feature will accompany Group Throughout her work, so she must be bright and memorable.


Participate in contests and concerts.Do not neglect contests, festivals and charity events. Their conduct is always monitored by the press, so the team has a real chance to "light up". It is often at such concerts that bands are noticed and invited to take part in interesting projects.


Find the producer.As a rule, after a successful performance at the regional level, the group receives several proposals for producing. Producer will organize concerts, individual performances, organization of interviews and meetings with journalists.

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