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How to celebrate New Year inexpensive

How to celebrate New Year inexpensive

When you utter the words "New Year", you are likely to hear the noise of firecrackers and fireworks, the crackling sparklers, if you feel the taste and smell of mandarin trees. Yes, all of this - the attributes of the holiday.

And yet - the gifts, the holiday table, and ... happiness. miracles.

After all, everyone in this day certainly is waiting for a miracle. But what a shame it is sometimes, when the money is not enough to lead the child to a bright New Year's show, or go with her husband in the chic restaurant.

Do not worry - the miracle is, it is possible to "make" yourself.



New Year's - a family holiday. Therefore, it is not necessary to hold it in a crowd of strangers (or unfamiliar people). So - you have decided to celebrate the holiday at home. First of all, consider the menu New Year's table. Believe me, today, as many can not afford the expensive dishes, perfectly possible to prepare low-cost but very tasty dishes: a delicious pancake cake instead podnadoevshego Olivier snack "Napoleon", "Snake" salad (remember is coming Year of the Dragon?) Fish in any manifestation - smoked herring "under a fur coat," salty. You can roast duck with meat and can cook any "chicken turrets." Many make ready not - keep in mind that people still small, so you eat a dozen meals unlikely. And the best way to prepare is to love your family the most.


Having considered the amount that will be spent on food, thinkand spiritual nourishment - will agree, it is not very nice to just sit at the table and watch TV shows. So start cooking the holiday. Write a script or find it on the internet - you decide. Pope at the time will be Santa Claus, Mama - granddaughter or just leading. The main thing is that in a festive scenario had more jokes, riddles, contests and games.


If your husband thinks that acting - itcredo, it is possible, of course, invite Santa Claus from some agencies. Do it better in advance, because, firstly, to the end of December all the "Santa Clauses" can already make out, and secondly, the remaining will be asked for their services a lot more money.


By the way, the participants of the games and contests will notwondering just dance on paper or draw with your eyes closed Snowman - much nicer to try when you have a stimulus. So the winners of the gifts will certainly need to promise. To this end, it is not necessary to buy costly prizes - will be enough, if you buy a small (cheap pens, balloons, key chains). Believe me - in the New Year your guests will be happy every pleasant trifles.


And finally - gifts. How in such a holiday without gifts? Handing them also think about in advance. You can trust the gifts Santa Claus, but your loved ones will be doubly pleasant "find" them under the tree in 12 hours. It does not matter in this case - it will be a five-year kid or adult uncle or aunt: gifts, especially the New Year, happy to all, without discounts for age.

New Year, this is kind and amazing holiday always brings happiness. Even if you have in your pocket is not so much money.

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