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How to celebrate New Year in Turkey

How to celebrate New Year in Turkey

Recently, a very fashionable to celebrate the New Year Christmas go abroad.

This is a good way to change the familiar surroundings and get a lot of impressions.

Turkey is one of the first places in the list of the most popular countries among Russian tourists in both summer and winter.



A trip to Turkey has some superiorityCompared to other tours. First, its cost is quite low, which makes tickets available for many categories of citizens. Secondly, due to the fact that the rest of the country is very popular among Russians, there are well aware of the Russian language, which is much easier communication with service personnel, vendors and other indigenous people of the country.


Of course, the coming winter in Turkey, it is not necessarycount on swimming in the sea. But tourists are provided by many other attractions that enrich the expectation of the New Year. You can enjoy excursions to the ancient cities and mosques, without suffering from the heat, as it happens in the summer. In addition, after a walk in the winter streets of Turkish bath hamam will be doubly enjoyable. For lovers of active holidays in Turkey are even ski resorts. To the snow did not melt from December to March, they are very high, so that the air is especially pure. The most popular ski resorts in Turkey Palandoken are intended for professionals and Uludag, aimed at families with children.


Traditions New Year celebration in Turkeya little different from the Russian. This is usually a family dinner, New Year's telecast, reporting on the streets and fireworks. Do not forget that Turkish citizens - Muslims, and their traditions do not include decoration of houses and streets, the Christmas tree and Santa Claus. But in some areas you can still find the usual items for us. If you are going to rest in Istanbul, visit Taksim Square, where all the tourists and the Eastern Christians to celebrate the New Year according to their customs and traditions. If you would like to see it, as the feast of the Asian part of the population go to the Kadykoy area.


Turkey also has a very special city, whereit will be very interesting to see the New Year as a family. He called Demre and is known for the fact that it is here in the III century BC. e. Saint Nicholas was born, a former real historical figure, who during his lifetime canonized for his good deeds. He became the prototype for Santa Claus and Santa Claus. Church of St. Nicholas in Demre is open to all comers. It is believed that here was buried in St. Nicholas, however, later his relics were stolen and transported to Bari, where are today. Sixth of December, in the hypothetical date of death of the saint, you can visit the service, which lasts for three days.


Those who plan to spend most of their Christmas holidays at the hotel can enjoy a gala dinner and entertainment program prepared specially for the occasion of the New Year.

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