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How to celebrate New Year in Perm

How to celebrate New Year in Perm

New Year holidays in Perm - this time for noisy meetings, numerous sporting and cultural events.

Perm - a city rich in entertainment, there are a lot of restaurants, exhibition centers, theaters, museums.

Best places to celebrate the New Year in Perm

New Year in the best nightclubIt brings a lot of fun lovers of nightlife. Champagne, popular music, gifts and surprises - the main features of New Year's Eve. Parties New Year's Eve special and different themes from the Gothic style to the classics of past centuries. The most popular nightclub are "Rhinestone," "Club M5" and "Moloko". Meanwhile, the club "Sobol" offers to meet New Year's Eve in the soul of the company in the Russian and European bath.
In Perm there are many institutions that are not similaron the interior style in the cafes and restaurants of other cities. Among the institutions that category worth mentioning Grand Café "Aristocrat" and coffee bar "cottage." Particularly popular hunting restaurants, European and Greek cuisine. The most visited Perm considered "Oliva" restaurant and "Premier". For those who like Japanese food, you must visit the sushi bar "Kemar" and restaurant chain "Philadelphia".
After working up an appetite or fun relax with a group of friends can be in the Permian forests. The main feature of these forests is that they are located in the city center.
In addition, the New Year's Eve will be a special festive event, which always takes place on the esplanade of the city. There visitors and residents of Perm tradition await Santa Claus.
New Year holidays in Perm - a wonderfulthe opportunity to enjoy a real Russian winter and to get acquainted with a very rich history of this city. Inspect winter stone town, visit the merchant's capital, find out how civilization was formed in the Perm region - and you want to come back again!

Where to stay visitors to the city in the New Year?

If you are the first time in Perm, it is worth to staychoose hotels, which have their own private picturesque restaurants. In the New Year's Eve hotel staff will offer you a vivid entertainment for the whole family, and the chef will cook Christmas dining table with memorable meals for any taste. Many hotels also features a sauna, a room for billiards and pool - all for the convenience of visitors to the city!
If you are tired of city life, then in PermTerritory in the winter you can go to the recreation center, where you can ride on skis or visit a number of excursions to the main historic sites of the Perm region. For visitors and residents a wide range of countryside recreation "Forest cottage", "Expanse", "Zarechnoye", "Kalinina", "Osinskaya Sloboda".

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