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Causes of pulsation and noise in the head


Causes of pulsation and noise in the head

Pulsation and noise in the head can occur for various reasons. Often, such symptoms are harbingers of a serious disease.

Therefore, they can not be ignored.

The most common reason whyThere is a ripple and a noise in the head, is stress. Usually such symptoms are of a short-term nature and arise occasionally. To eliminate them, you need to take a sedative on a herbal basis for several days according to the instructions. Along with this, it is recommended to include in your diet products containing vitamins of group B, often rest and be charged with positive emotions.

The main causes of pulsation and noise in the head

Aneurysm of cerebral vessels is the mainCause of noise and ripple in the head. Along with these symptoms, one can observe severe pain. Noticing at home it is important to immediately consult a neurologist. He will prescribe a treatment that will prevent an aneurysm from turning into a severe form.
Pulsation and noise in the head can occur whenAtherosclerosis. This disease is characterized by the presence in the vessels of the brain peculiar barriers of cholesterol. They interfere with the normal movement of blood. Because of this in the head there is a strong hum and a ripple. With such a disease, you must always be under the supervision of a doctor and take medication. Then the symptoms will cease to manifest, and atherosclerosis will not go into a serious form that will threaten life.
Vegeto-vascular dystonia is also accompanied byNoise and throbbing in the head. Usually, with such a disease, there are short-term attacks of pain. In this case, the use of vasodilator drugs is necessary. In addition, you need to normalize the level of glucose and adrenaline in the blood.

Rare causes of pulsation and noise in the head

Rarely ripple and noise in the head are due toDisturbances in the work of the kidneys. To conduct any treatment here it is impossible without passage of survey at the skilled urologist. To reduce the discomfort of symptoms, it is recommended to reduce fluid intake.
Pulsation and noise in the head can indicate a disruption in the endocrine system. There is also a need for a medical examination to find out which medications will be effective.
Cervical osteochondrosis in some casesAccompanied by noise and ripple in the head. In addition, in the presence of such an ailment, one can observe numbness of fingers, dizziness. To get rid of it you need to regularly perform special exercises. It is also necessary to take preparations of a group of chondroprotectors. The doctor should prescribe them after receiving the results of the tests and examination.

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