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CAUSES ripple and noise in the head

Reasons ripple and noise in the head

Ripple and noise in the head can occur for various reasons. Often these symptoms are harbingers of serious illness.

Therefore, they can not be ignored.

The most common reason thathaving ripple and noise in the head, it is stress. Usually these symptoms are short-lived and occur occasionally. To remove them, you need to take a sedative Herbal for several days according to the instruction. In addition, it is recommended to include in your diet foods that contain vitamins, often to relax and recharge with positive emotions.

The main causes of noise and pulsations in the head

Aneurysms of cerebral vessels is the mainthe cause of the noise and pulsation in the head. Along with these symptoms, you can watch a lot of pain. Seeing this matter at once address to the neurologist. He will appoint a medication that prevents the transfer of an aneurysm in the severe form.
Ripple and noise in the head can occur whenatherosclerosis. This disease is characterized by the presence of cerebral vascular obstructions peculiar from cholesterol. They interfere with the normal movement of the blood. Because of this, in my head there is a strong buzz and ripple. With this disease it is necessary to be under supervision of a doctor and take medication. Then the symptoms will cease to manifest itself, and atherosclerosis does not go into a serious form, which will be life-threatening.
Vegetative-vascular dystonia is also accompanied by anoise and pulsation in the head. Usually this disease are observed intermittent episodes of pain. In this case, the necessary taking of vasodilator drugs. Furthermore, it is necessary to normalize the blood glucose and adrenaline.

Rare causes ripple and noise in the head

Less noise and pulsation in the head arise from thedisorders in kidneys. Spending some treatment is impossible without undergoing examination by an experienced urologist. To reduce the discomfort of symptoms it is recommended to reduce the intake of fluids.
Ripple and noise in the head may indicate a violation of the endocrine system. There must also be a medical examination to identify exactly which drugs will be effective.
Cervical osteochondrosis in some casesaccompanied by the noise and pulsation in the head. Furthermore, the presence of such disease can be observed numbness of fingers, dizziness. To get rid of it you need to regularly perform special exercises. You also need the administration of drugs group chondroprotectors. They must appoint a doctor after the results of tests and inspections.

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