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Causes of poor performance and solutions

The reasons for poor performance and solutions

Often, many parents are faced with ainteresting problem, as the poor child's academic performance. Mom and dad begin to worry about this, and because of this, very simply can worsen the relationship between them and their children.

Why the child begins to do poorly in school? The reasons are many, but among them the following stand out:



The relationship with your child's classmates. It so happens that the student simply can not find a common language with their classmates, and because of that does not want to attend school. This means the appearance of absenteeism and non-admission to the exams. What to do? It is necessary to begin to talk with the child about the reasons for the difficult communication with classmates and try to find a way out. In the future, you need to discreetly monitor the communication of your child with other children.


Health problems. Children can get sick so often that it seriously affects the performance. In this case, the right to hire a tutor to the child is not too behind the program.


The relationship of the child and the teacher. It is necessary to take into account the possible fear or dislike of the child to the teacher. No wonder that in this case your kid does not want to go to school. It would be correct to speak not with your child and the teacher, and to find a joint solution.


Children can be lazy and look for a variety ofreasons for not attending classes. Of course, talking about the good marks is not necessary. It should be of interest to the student correctly, that he appeared burning and desire to learn the material from the teacher.


Sometimes it happens that parents often scold their children, and they are afraid to be in derision, do not take the initiative in their studies due to lack of motivation.

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