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Causes of cough in a child

The causes of cough in a child

Cough is one of the symptoms of many diseases, as a relatively non-hazardous and hazardous to the health, even the life of a person.

But if an adult can seek medical care, child, especially small, often not able to complain of feeling unwell or explain what was bothering him.

Therefore it is necessary for parents to know why a child may start coughing, and, if necessary, called him doctor.

What are the reasons children have a cough

Why coughing may occur? In most cases (about 90%), children's cough is one of the symptoms of SARS - acute respiratory viral infections. The inflammatory process can capture both the upper respiratory tract and lower (larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs).
When inflammation of the upper respiratory tract cough, usually dry, without sputum. When inflammation of the throat - laryngitis - cough becomes a kind, a kind of "barking".

In severe cases of laryngitis due to swellingmucous membrane of the lumen of the upper airway is narrowed so that the child is breathing with difficulty. This disease ( "false croup") is life threatening and requires immediate medical care!

A strong cough, accompanied by sputum production may indicate inflammation in the bronchi. Parents should seek medical advice.
Cough in children may occur due todiseases of the nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx. Furthermore, cough - one of the main symptoms of asthma. In attacks of the disease, he becomes very strong, causing a feeling of suffocation.
If the child is not suffering from bronchialasthma attack suddenly started strong cough, it may indicate a foreign body in the respiratory tract. In this case, you must call the "ambulance" immediately.
In young children, cough may also be caused by excessively dry air, or the presence of impurities therein, for example, tobacco smoke.

In some cases, the cough may be the reason not related to the respiratory system and cause problems with the heart or digestive organs.

In some cases, a medical treatment for coughs child

Parents of a baby is an urgent need to seekmedical attention if cough arose suddenly and does not stop if it is accompanied by severe wheezing, clearly audible from a distance, as well as in cases where the blood or sputum a yellowish-green color stands out when you cough.
The medical examination is also requiredIf the cough developed against SARS and does not stop for a long time (more than 3 weeks). In no case do not self-medicate the child, as it is fraught for his life! You can use folk remedies only after consultation with a specialist overseeing the health of your baby.

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