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CAUSES of acne on the chin

Causes of acne on the chin

It is no secret that acne can appear on any part of the skin.

Chin - is no exception.

The reasons for the appearance of inflammation, blackheads and pimples on the skin are many.

With their determination should begin to look for ways to solve this problem.


Often the cause of acne on the chinis the increase in the number of pathogens in the hair follicle. This is due to the stagnation of skin secretions, causing the bacteria are beginning to develop. Natural cleansing is happening. Developing a storm of activity, microbes cause inflammation on the skin.

One of the common causes ofacne on the skin is the increased production of sebum. It is no secret that in the body of each person present sex hormones - androgens. In the process of production sebaceous secretion, they play an important role. As a result of increased sensitivity of receptors to sex hormones is an increase in sebum production. Often this is due to a genetic predisposition.

Obstruction of the sebaceous glands can alsobecome a big reason the appearance of acne on the chin. It is caused usually increase the number of new cells. They only veiled mouth and hair follicle ducts, causing the accumulation of sebum. This produces inflammation.

Even the common cold can become a big reason that will trigger the appearance of acne bottom lip. This is especially true in cold autumn period when the aggravated various diseases.

Some physiological aspects andHeredity also affects the appearance of acne on the face skin. This is due to the constant hormonal mechanisms regulating inheritance. Therefore, if a mother, grandmother or dad regularly observed in the area of ​​the chin acne, most likely this disease and will disturb you.

The cause of acne on the chin can serve as drugs. This is especially true of hormonal agents.

Remember: mechanical irritation of the skin (squeezing pimples, scratches, compression) significantly worsens her condition. In addition, reduced resistance to infections and annoying person - frequent washing and excessive use of cosmetics.


It is much easier to start treatment, when knownthe true cause of acne on the chin. In this case, the doctor will advise you on the most appropriate cosmetic and individually select diet.

It is no secret that the beauty of our skin is in the right and nutritious food.

As a rule, the main limitation is eating sweet dishes, from which constantly appearing and popping pimples.

If the cause of acne on the face is not clear, a qualified technician will try to identify it. Based on what you will be appointed as a special course of treatments.

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