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CAUSES dark circles under the eyes

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes and bruises - this is the problem rather cosmetic nature. Nevertheless, the shadows under the eyes are forced to get upset when you look at yourself in the mirror thousands of people.

Why bruises appear and what can be done to ensure that they were not there?

Bruises under the eyes and dark circles no oneadded attraction. They visually make the person over and give him a sick look. They are therefore considerably spoil the mood, in particular - the fair sex. Why is this a problem at all there is and how to deal with it?

The main causes of dark circles under the eyes and bruises

The most common reason that aeyes at the person may appear dark circles - is banal fatigue. Enough just a couple of nights of restless sleep intermittent, and the man's eyes begin to shine feverishly, and under them bruises.
Another reason why a healthy overalla person under the eyes may appear dark circles - a vitamin deficiency. Often this phenomenon is seasonal. It is enough to drink a course of multivitamins, certainly containing vitamin C, and dark circles under the eyes become less visible or even disappear altogether.
Bruises under his eyes - the eternal companion of smokers. This is easily explained: the nicotine makes blood vessels more fragile and reduces their permeability, which decreases blood flow to the skin and prevents the oxygenation of its deeper layers. Hence - the unhealthy appearance and bluish shadows under the eyes.

What else can you relate the appearance of bruises under his eyes?

Often, the dark circles under the eyes are oneof the symptoms of allergies. This may be a reaction to the flowering of plants, cat or dog hair, poplar fluff and other irritants. In this case it is sufficient to take antihistamines or eliminate the source of the allergy, and bruising will be less pronounced.
Often dark circles under the eyes are a directthe result of a nervous overstrain or prolonged hard work at the computer. They will be held once a person rest, sleep enough and no longer in a state of stress.
If you sleep at least 8 hours a day, leadhealthy lifestyle, you spend time in the sun and eat right, and bruising under the eyes do not pass, you should seek medical advice. The appearance of blue, brown, or yellow shadows under the eyes may indicate a malfunction of some of the internal organs. The doctor will take all the necessary tests to detect abnormalities.
Finally, bruising under the eyes may occur with age. This is due to deterioration of the skin and reduce the power of its elasticity.

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